Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I am just discovering that two marketing giants Target and CVS have made a minor effort to decrease the use of plastic bags.

Target, according to the Poughkeepsie Journal, announced Monday plans to give customers a 5-cent discount for every reusable bag they use to pack their purchases.

The PJ also states: CVS plans to give participating customers $1 cash bonuses on their CVS cards every four times they buy something but don't request plastic bags.

There has been a push by some lawmakers and green advocacy groups in recent years to eliminate the plastic bag plague that is happening throughout the state. Every retailer seems to push their plastic bags like there is little effect on the environment and the wind hasnt put enough of them in the trees around our neighborhoods.

I know Gary Bischoff (D-Saugerties) has been a strong advocate for the U C Legislature to do something regarding the obvious push by these retail giants to get their bags out in the public, but the county may be surpassed by the retailers themselves who may see this green shift as a good public image campaign.

The PJ points out that these two retailer's action could nudge other big retailers to take similar steps to join the "non-bag" movement. I can affirm that bringing myown reusable bag to Stewarts and Hannaford makes me feel better about my personal effort. If they all tap into that potential as a marketing strategy, they are on the right path.


Rebecca Martin said...

Have you seen this yet?

CVS is helping fund a $100 million campaign by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to kill clean energy and health care in Congress. Other companies, such as Apple, have quit the Chamber in protest, but CVS is still a dues-paying member. Can you call CVS and urge them to quit the Chamber of Commerce?

(401) 765-1500, press 0 twice

Dear MoveOn member,

Why would a company like CVS oppose solutions to global warming?

CVS is a prominent member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which just launched a $100 million campaign described as a "declaration of war on the White House." The Chamber is pouring millions into killing clean energy as well as health care reform.1

Recently, an uprising of companies fighting back against the Chamber of Commerce has begun, led by companies like Apple, Nike, Johnson & Johnson, and GE.2

But CVS continues to help fund the Chamber's anti-climate agenda through their Chamber dues.

Can you call CVS and urge them to quit the Chamber of Commerce? If you're a customer of CVS, be sure to mention it when you call. Here's the info:

(401) 765-1500, press 0 twice

For years, the Chamber of Commerce has pushed a right-wing agenda.3 But now, it's trying to kill progress on clean energy, health care, workers' rights, and even financial reform.4

The U.S. Chamber has gotten so out of step with its own members that even local chambers are joining the rebellion. "They don't represent me," the head of the Greater New York Chamber said the other day.5

The top issues causing companies to walk away from the Chamber are clean energy and global warming. Wind and solar power create jobs and help the economy, and most business leaders know it.6

But the Chamber isn't listening. After Apple quit, the Chamber's president said of his critics, "Bring 'em on."7

So why is CVS still funding the Chamber? The Chamber wouldn't be able to run multi-million dollar campaigns if it weren't getting so much money from its members.

Call CVS today and urge them to quit the Chamber of Commerce:

(401) 765-1500, press 0 twice

Anonymous said...

For the years I have shopped at ALDI for my bare essentials, I have needed my own bags. It was a good habit to get into because now I use them everywhere. Didn't need a financial incentive. None of us should.
But hey, if this is what it takes to break the world of their addiction to plastic bags then lets make it work.

Anonymous said...

Hannafords in the Kingston Plaza has credited towards use of your own bags for quite some time.

citizenofuc said...

If you dont mind, yet another blog coming to town:

Anonymous said...

I find that CVS is somewhat suspect in their true motives for not using plastic bags. I feel that it is a definite financial motive for them rather than a concern for environmental issues. If you read the post of Rebecca Martin this substantiates what I am feeling about their corporate press release concerning plastic bags. Nice try CVS!!!

Joe Bubel said...

Impossible. Letting the private industry decide whether or not to reward consumers to use reusable bags? We CANNOT have this, otherwise we won't be able to use government to force this on ALL store owners. We must disparage CVS. We must spin this as a profiteering move by Target and CVS. It has to be ALL or NONE.

I hope you can read sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

Exactly when did CVS get a conscience? If they are against clean energy as noted in a previous post what makes us believe that they are sincere in reducing plastic to our landfills? Okay, so maybe it is a small step in the right direction but I am not looking to them to be the poster child for environnmental issues. I trust Target only slightly higher. It is all about PR for these companies as they try to align themselves with the "green" movement.With their kind of profits they have got to do more than not offering plastic bags for purchases.What will they do with the money they "save" by not purchasing plastic bags for their businesses? Let's see what kind of a neighbor they will be in Kingston when their newest store(CVS) is completed; then I can make a more informed opinion of their environmental concerns.