Thursday, October 22, 2009



Anonymous said...

Hmmm, do we have fear on the democrat side of 2010? TwentyTenPhobia should be a hate thought crime.

Anonymous said...

Actually it's startling when you put all those conservatives and their philosophies upfront & center where you can look at them. In the last two years, the national percentage of registered Republicans that identify themselves as such dwindled from 24.5% to just under 19.7%
Could the rhetoric of these people in the leadership be part of the reason?
I don't think 2010 will be the comeback of a Republican majority. Democrats may even gain seats.


Joe Bubel said...

If that is the case, TRB, then why is it, that some LOSER spent time putting together this video? He had to have spent some time researching and cutting and pasting. According to you, I guess it waste of time. He could have spent his time better, serving Obama, or I mean the nation, during National Service Week.

Anonymous said...

Joe; I thought the piece was fun and creative. playing on the iPhone Apps commercial.
When the people featured in the video actually say these things and offer such ideals on the floor of the House and Senate while representing millions of constituents, people should know.
Over time, we realized that serious straight talk sometimes loses out to yelling. This video is an attempt to use humor.
I think it might be the best retort.