Saturday, October 03, 2009


The YWCA does a special dinner every year at Wiltwyck Country Club to recognize the prominent women in the Kingston area. Each year brings the opportunity to highlight the programs and goals that each of the nominees are involved in.

One of the ten award winners was our very own Rebecca Martin from Ward Nine. A blues vocalist and recent transplant from NYC, Rebecca has been recognized for the tireless effort she invests in making our Ward and city better for all who live here. Through community events, connecting the citizenry and keeping a close eye on the workings at City Hall, Rebecca has proven herself to be a worthy player in the civic circles throughout the city.

I can only say that it is so fitting that members of the Ward Nine Neighborhood Group nominated her and that she recieved the warm acknowlegment from the YWCA community. With several tables having supporters of all the award winners, the hootin & hollerin from around the room, mixed with exhaustive clapping, made some of the staff cover their ears every time someones name was announced. Rebecca's name was no different. What an enthusiastic crowd!

I expect, once completely over her flu, she'll be right back on track, working with anyone who wants to help in the fight to make Ward Nine and the City of Kingston a better place to work & raise a family.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for also recognizing her relevance to the neighborhood. Change is often difficult, as you have pointed out in many posts here. The fresh interaction between the public and the elected is in large part through her efforts. I think it's great that you saw that and worked with that to the extent that you did.
Congrats to you Rebecca! You've earned it.

ward 9 member said...

Rebecca is the tireless crusader of "what can be "in this City Of Kingston. People get suspect of what she "is up to" and if they knew her like I do, she only has the city's best interest at heart. Onward and upward, Reb. She deserves this award for all the things she has created and for all the things she dreams of accomplishing. It was a great night for all who attended this dinner. It is inspiring to see how many individuals are willing to give back to their communities for the betterment of all.

Anonymous said...

The future looks financialy bleak for many of us. The need for selfless volunteerism to serve the less fortunate has never been so obvious. Lets applaud all of the women who made a difference, awarded or not. Rebecca included.