Tuesday, October 13, 2009



Anonymous said...

Ms. Riccardi needs to be much more visible.
Will there be a "debate"?

Anonymous said...


if you are endorsing, Gilda, YOU JUST LOST ME !!

She is a nasty, nasty, feminist with no regard for "normal" men or the general public.

she has that holier than thou that so many liberals have towards the common folks.

I have stated elsewhere that a close friend of mine was buying a house from her in Stone Ridge & she was such a nasty witch as was her equally militant real estate broker, that he HAD to finish the deal with her brother in Houston TX -

She has none of the personal skills needed to run a people friendly office like the County Clerk's Office.

Democratic Party loyalty only goes so far & Nina Postupack has proven herself the only QUALIFIED candidate for this office.

Sorry, but ya lost me on this issue & this choice, Mike.

Anonymous said...

And you thought Frank didn't read the Blogs.

Anonymous said...

Nepotism...hmmm who is the
Deputy County Clerk? Surely out of the thousands of qualified residents Nina could have selected someone other than her sister. If she wanted to run a family business she should open a grocery.

Anonymous said...

Nina does run a family business, called Coleman Bros. Circuses-- for two generations strong!
Oh and hey Frank, LOVE the post babe!! Gonna tell my hairdresser about it in the morning babe!!

Anonymous said...

A previous poster referred to the Democratic candidate as a nasty witch. This person apparently has never been around the current Clerk when she's in a bad mood.