Sunday, September 20, 2009


It's unfortunate that it takes so long to make a good case when getting scum off the streets. But if that's what it takes, I say keep up the good work.

URGENT nabbed two dealers Friday evening up in
Saugerties. Confiscating over 12K of cocaine. The two are from out of the Hudson Valley; the Bronx and Schenectady. Typical right?
This trash comes into our neighborhoods, sells their death and then goes along their merry way back to their source for more. Just look at the reports in the paper, you'll see the city address listed daily.

It took several months for URGENT to buy enough to secure a watertight case against the two. How many more are still out there?
I guess it's just another example of how some of our tax dollars are actually working. And to think Newburgh is laying off half their police officers.


Anonymous said...

Can we just assign drug sniffing dogs at the three Ulster Exits from the Thruway? I would be willing to have 'em circle my car once in a while just to grab the dealers when they come through.

Anonymous said...

Wow anon. Intriguing thought! Kudos to Urgent though! It appears to me that law-abiding citizens need all the help (to secure the safety of our children and our neighborhoods) that they can get. Thank you for the post Mike. NS

Anonymous said...

Addendum: I don't like the word "scum" though...

I kinda' go with the saying that "every obnoxious act is a cry for help" ---

And I think we need to try and "hear" what the "cry" part (drug use and abuse and all of the associated factors are epidemic...) is all about.

Consequences - absolutely.

Safety first - for sure.

Arm chair psychologist / sociologist / nag...(smile)???

Yep! [These users, dealers and such were innocent kids, presumably, at one point.....]

That is [the liberal bleeding heart... with some common sense, as well (lol)] me.


Mike Madsen said...

NS; When I think about these drug dealers and what trauma they leave in their wake, I come up with much worse words than what I used here. I think "scum" gives the needed conveyance I was looking for while keeping the Blog G-rated.
You understand.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I understand - rocks and hard places - and what appear to be eternal paradoxes - all too well...

And sometimes I should [I blame it on the squirrel cage, complete with exercise equipment, in my head...) probably just "shut up."

Congrats on your win!


Anonymous said...

Well said, Mike! You're right on target.

There are certain things that make my blood boil. People who condone drug pushers or dismiss the severity of drug related crimes is at the top of my list.

NS, I imagine you have never had the trauma of losing a loved one in the wake of a drug crime, as evidenced by your self-proclaimed 'bleeding-heart" liberal view.

I call it sheer ignorance.

Anonymous said...

As a Town of Saugerties resident I am concerned about how many of these busts have been happening in Saugerties recently. We like to think this kind of thing is limited to midtown Kingston, but the truth is we can find it everywhere.

Anonymous said...


I have lost - in a multitude of ways - a number of loved ones to drugs and alcohol and/or related (lost is lost) situations...

My husband lost a step-son in a DWI accident (horrible coma / life support failure scenerio...) --- and he more recently had a nephew (the youth is alive, but barely...) severely traumatized (another coma situation) - and probably severely compromized - for life - in a heart-wrenching (very similar) situation.

I've lived. I've laughed. I've cried.

I am not ignorant.


Anonymous said...

My son has lost a couple of friends to drug overdoses and you cannot imagine the pain of their parents and to my son. These were kids who were raised well,honor roll students and involved in their church programs but for one reason or another got caught up with "glamour" of drugs and the life style. So Mike, when you call the dealers scumbags, you are too kind. Predators comes to mind.I am very concerned about the proposed police layoffs in our city. All those drug dealers need is a small window of opportunity and they will open the windows and doors wide open to get their prey.

Bill Berardi said...


Scum is not appropriate - some of these individuals may be just trying to live their lives - pay their rent, maybe have a family or loved one to help support - maybe they lack the necessary family or political connections to otherwise pay their bills and learn of other opportunities?

It is nice to see the police do their job under such budget constraints.

Anonymous said...

Bill, I disagree with your logic. If I am in need of money and take a job as a hitman, would that be O.K.? If you have a nice house and car, and I don't, is it O.K. if I steal your car?

There are plenty of ways to earn money and many different career paths to take without having to resort to illegal activities which cause harm to others.

Machiavelli would be proud of your reasoning--"the ends justify the means."

Bill Berardi said...

If scum means ignorant, uninformed, uneducated, unconnected then say that - and sign your name - you misunderstood my comment - I do not advocate breaking our laws.

Anonymous said...

Bill, I fail to see your line of reasoning. What do political connections have to do with anything?

Surprisingly, scum (in the context of drug dealers) is not uninformed, uneducated, unconnected, or ignorant. Drug dealers are usually informed as to the harm they cause. They have some degree of education and are not generally ignorant as to what they are doing to themselves and to others.

Bottom line is that scum is appropriate word for someone who deals drugs and directly or indirectly causes harm to others and wreaks havoc on families.

What is the difference in your mind between the affulent drug dealer and the one who has no money with a family and decides to turn to drug dealing? Lacking funds is no excuse at all.

I'll introduce myself at the next ward meeting.

Anonymous said...

Political connections (who you know not what you know) get you a job with pay, benefits, etc... and it is legal unlike drug dealing.