Friday, September 18, 2009


The Kingston waterfront was treated to a special arrival of the flotilla of historic Dutch sailing ships. These gorgeous boats are making their way up the Hudson River to mark this month's 400th anniversary of Hudson's trek up the river.

Among the fleet is a replica of the Half Moon. Mixed with other replicas and newer flat-bottom boats, they all navigate the ancient waterways that provided a source of livelihood for the indigenous dwellers as well as important trade routes after it's discovery by explorers from Europe.

The boats came over aboard a much larger sea worthy carrier, then released to the calmer waters of New York Harbor in early August. Serving as a backdrop for the arrival of the Netherlands Prince Alexander and his wife, the flotilla became it's own reason to celebrate.
I wish I had been there.

The boats head out today destined for Catskill and then on to Albany for the final shindig on September 26th. I hope ya'll got a chance to visit the fleet while they were here in Kingston.


Anonymous said...

Terrific pictures. How many of the other Aldermen made it down to see the Dutch flotilla? Better not have been just you again.

Anonymous said...

Mike: History in the making- Agree with 9:01 but again? hey more history in the making... UCCC on Ocvt 1, 2009, Don Katt is again honoring the Men of Mukden as the college hosts the former POW's at 3:00 PM with a panel discussion followed by a reception. The public is invited: free of charge

also a couple of concerts at the Quality INN- Kingston- The first on Sept 29 hear the Breakaways play Glenn Miller music starting at 7:30 and on Oct 1, at 8:00PM hear Lisa Dudly- Country Western and Gospel singer in concert.

And as per usual- can you imagine the Dutch Flotilla on our local public access TV- hey maybe sooner than anyone would believe
take care
Shelly Z