Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Have you heard about our former Governor Eliot Spitzer? He is now a professor at City College in New York.

For the three hour class; once a week, the st
udents get to learn Eliots perspective on Law and Public Policy.
At $100/hour, it's not for the money. He has already made it known that he isn't going away any time soon. He's even doing articles for some online magazines.
But the college-age co-eds will have a bit of fun as they ponder how he came to be an ex-governor serving as their professor.

What many of the students might wonder, is if the state would be in better shape had Eliot stayed in office. Could have finished out his term and walked away. I dont think the drama in the State Senate wouldhave gone the way it did either. We'll never know.

For now, he's an adjunct political-science professor at City College. Where this flawed, but brilliant mind will end up, no-one knows. Right now, I'm jealous of those students. I bet they want to go to class on Mondays.


Anonymous said...

it is said Rumsfeld had a brilliant mind too, and obviously flawed. You jealous of his audiences?

The man BROKE THE LAW, Mike. A felony (I think). Just like Johns scooped up in a sting operation on Broadway, Kingston.

bd said...


Saw you @ the Independence Party Rally, last Sunday.

A pleasure to meet & talk with you there.

I wish you the best & a stunning VICTORY !

Dart gotta go & Jeannette ain't no bargain either.

You are a true representative for the P E O P L E & not just a cog in the dem's machine.

Thank-You for your hard work doing the PEOPLE'S Business.

Go Nina & Don WIlliams, also !

Vox Populi !!!


Jeremiah said...

I don't think that it is a bad job for him. Let's face there are worse people than him teaching in our nation's colleges.

His example may serve as a warning to his students. He went from holding the two most powerful positions in the state to a lowly "John".

Anonymous said...

He had other flaws besides seeking comfort with working girls. He was famous for launching investigations against investment firms in NYC and then dropping the investigation after large campaign donations.

Anonymous said...

Got to go with Jerimiah on this one.

What does this say about that old caveat; "Those who can, do and those who can't, teach."...smitty

Anonymous said...

will he be paying the students by the hour ??? Will he have the classes in a fancy Hotel room ??

he is a pig & a felon, imo,

He should be shunned for what he did to his wife, children & the NY Voters.

Screw him,, oh right,, that was done already by "pros"

Jeremiah said...

smitty, you left one part out.

Those can't teach, teach gym.

(For my friend the phys ed teacher)

Anonymous said...

After 200+ years of political scandals, we still expect our elected officials to be paragons of virtue. It ain't gonna happen. And the same can be said of the clergy.

Al Gore didn't get elected in 2000 primarily because he was "tainted" by Bill Clinton. It should have been a slam dunk. But self-righteous morons got Bush elected. Look what happened. Clinton got a blowjob in the Oval Office and we got royally screwed!