Thursday, September 03, 2009


Senator Schumer made a special visit to the City of Kingston today. With a perfect day as a backdrop, he spoke from the entrance of the Kingston Housing Authority to highlight some changes in Tennant screening abilities.

With a national estimate of 3,000 registered sex offenders unknowingly residing in public housing, the time to tighten up the vetting process is now. The waiting list for assisted living in this complex
is three years out. And that's for people who are struggling to raise families in our own community. No-one wants to house such criminals in that kind of environment, never mind use tax dollars to do it.

The announcement comes on the heals of some national tragedies that have reignited the concern about where to house men & women on the list.
Many facilities have limited access to the DATA that you would expect them to. Some date back only 10 years, some reach only within the state. This push opens up the availability of the registry in both back history and nationally. The new programs will be made at no cost to an already strapped housing program.

With little notice, the audience was made up of mostly officials and staff in the area as well as a few local residents. But the impact of the change offered by the good Senator, will rest the fears of many who live in housing units like Rondout Gardens for years to come.


Anonymous said...

why was Nick Woerner there?

Anonymous said...

Sure it was a nice day to do just about anything. How bout letting the public know about it a day or two before.
Some of us would like to meet the Senator.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reporting on this Mike. And thanks to Senator Schumer!


Anonymous said...

Mike: another great event missed by the MISSING IN ACTION- Kingston Public Access TV- but have to say anonymous 10:39 is correct: how about letting the public know- a quick call to WKNY or WGHQ would have alerted many of the citizens, and think about the KPA calendar- what a way to inform the public
again- just my three cents
Shelly Z

Anonymous said...

I heard Sottile was on GHQ radio plugging for Nicky. UH OH Nicky, thats the kiss of death usually! Sottile is about as popular as the plague and Nicky aint gettin too much love from the people either...

Anonymous said...

Sex offender living at 25 West Chester Street. His name is Brian Rowles and is listed as a Level ll.
He is reaching out to the neighbors with articles for sale and advertising himself as a residential painter. Beware. Just wondering if the neighbors have been notified?

Anonymous said...

Nickie Woerner in Kingston?

I thought Jingles was drummed out of Kingston while he was still a teenager? Oh well, Sottile and Woerner are two peas in a pod anyway.

Things are bad when you you have the hated Mayor of Kingston as your pitchman. Ulster is not Kingston where there are 2 Democrats for each Republican, Nikcie Jingles Woerner is going to get beat.

Anonymous said...

Pointing out the various places where sex offenders shouldn't be allowed to live after their release from prison is the easy part. It allows politicians to score easy political points, and sew the seeds of fear. Frankly, its the type of thing that people like Frank Dart are good at.

The real work, the hard part is coming up with a sound public policy as to where these people CAN live after their release, and if we don't want sex offenders on the street then the laws should be changed to incarcerate them for the rest of their lives.

Anyway, I'm increasigly weary of these photo opps that don't really accomplish anything.

Brian J. Woltman