Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The members of the three business districts here in the City of Kingston, joined forces this Tuesday evening at Seven21 Broadway, to host the Aldermanic candidate economic forum. Almost all of those seeking a seat for the Common Council showed up.

With all the candidates seated along the side wall, the questions were handled by KJ McIntyre and administered by Kevin Quilty. In pairs or singled, they delved in matters of commercial taxes and the ability to continue doing busuiness within the city limits. Whether they answered the questions clearly or made their own statements close to it, they all made their individual impressions on the business community.

At one point, Kevin asked if I, as a current Alderman, or any of the other Legislative candidates would like to say something. I actually went up and found the others didnt follow. I floundered a bit, but got some points across. I think I stopped breathing at one point.

I told Jesse Smith of the Kingston Times, that if this successful turnout sponsored by the business community, is what we can expect in the future, then we are poised to see great changes at the merchant level.

Considering the economic road ahead, not everything said sounded like your typical canned "Lower Taxes-More Service" rhetoric you'd expect during a campaign. Everyone seems to be a realist and we all know that our expected budget is going to be real test.

Yes, the dual tax structure was an issue, as was the lower cost/sq ft operating costs in the neighboring town of Ulster, but the drive for all of those seeking the position of Alderman, to work with the business community was expressed well.

Look for many of the faces here tonight to appear on the newly revived Channel 23 primetime schedules during the comming month.


Anonymous said...

Things you missed: The subject of City bankruptcy, merging with the Town of Ulster and the need for civilians to step up to the task of cleaning our city.

I thought you got your points across, but you did look a bit nervous. Public speaking classes?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The residents of the Town of Ulster would not go for combining with the city. We get the short end of the sales taxes now and put up with all the traffic and police protection. The Town of Ulster should become it's own city and keep the sales taxes. The residents pay high taxes and support the rest of the county with limited services.

Anonymous said...

The Return of Channel 23? Good grief, I hope it's better the second time around. Phil Cosme? Rich Cahill? Joe Marchetti (Gordon Webb reincarnated)? Jean Jacobs? Did these folks have any idea how foolish they sounded? We don't need a local version of Fox News!

Anonymous said...

as a local busisness owner my self and having a know HOW to run a busisness.wouldnt it be a novel idea that when a budget is approved you dont allow those departments to far over spend those budgets like the police department has already.hold them to the line. ACCOUNTABLE.because the way i heartd it last night you'll have some fancy police cars down town but no police men to operate them.the police department is already 100,000 over budget.thats 1% on my taxes.lets do something people.

Jeanette said...

Hi Mike, Kevin did not ask any Legislators to speak, he asked those Alderman who were not seeking re-election if they wanted to comment.

I thought all the candidates did well. It was a very informative exchange. Thanks to the business community for sponsoring the event.

Anonymous said...

You have a knack for reporting these local events without a partisan slant. For that, thank you. There is less of a need for the far right-far left talking points when you're dealing with towns and small cities.
I give you a pass when it comes to the state and national party line because the mission of the two shapes the votes in a more partisan manor.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

First: I love that building. The potential to spur growth along Broadway is very real.
Second: I don't relish the thought of serving on any board or council during these times. I'm too old to fancy running for something when times are good, because it will be too long before they are good.
Third: I want to see what you can do for Kingston from Fair Street.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jeanette is correct in stating the reason "other legislative candidates" did not follow you to the podium is because Mr. Quilty asked if the current aldermen wished to report on their responsibilities on Common Council and how they are struggling with the budget process. DiBella and Teetsel remained silent, which was a disappointment. Teetsel could have reported on his special assignment as Chair of a budget committee and how he is helping to keep expenses in check. Not a word.

Anonymous said...

If the Mayor was serious about tis financial problem he would lead by example and do away with the take home SUV's. Let him and his out of town department heads pay for their own gas, oil, insurance, and wear and tear on their cars.

Until this happens nobody will take him seriously.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that seems to be done at budget committee meetings is sign off on monthly expenses. There is no going over budgets to see how much has been spent, or how much is left for the year. Considering the city is in the hole for nearly $4 million I guess the committee chair doesn't have too much to say. Glad to see you go Al.

Anonymous said...

Di Bella was going to go to the podium but Kevin did not see her rise so he continued on with the program and she sat down not wanting to interrupt.

Anonymous said...

A big AMEN to 5:24. He must lead by example! If he needs a car let him use his own and submit vouchers for his expenses. At that time the powers that be can decide if his submissions have merit. If not, oh well....welcome to life in Ulster County!!! Come down with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

"Business in Kingston" is like describing government intelligence.

From this report it seems nothing was said, which would be appros pos because nothing CAN be said on such a subject.

Business in Kingston consists of police, courts, probation, jail, recidivism, and maybe a trip to the Mall once every six months.

And too many folks are alarmingly behind this jackass and truly mental Williams for County Court, including the young loud Blubberman. Puh-leeze.

Oh wait, this just in!! Business in Kingston located!! Taxes and government!! Amazingly overlooked, especially by those fed up with politics and government!!