Tuesday, September 01, 2009


On Monday night, Madsen said some other parts of the resolution were also “heavy brow.” Did you like that quote? Admit it, you did laugh when you read it.

Wheras: “The effects of climate change will significantly impact our infrastructure, economy, livelihoods, disrupt our ecological community, spread invasive species and exotic diseases, negatively impact our drinking water supplies and sewer treatment infrastructure and pose health threats to our citizens.”

Initially the issue that bothered me was the "matter of fact" nature of the paragraph. I agree with the importance of stemming the affects of climate change where ever we can, but we represent a vast number of viewpoints as elected officials here in Kingston. No one City Council is going to convince the world to change their behavior.

I know my friends in Woodstock voted several times to end the war in Iraq during the Bush presidency. Terrific idea, but you are the Woodstock Town Board for Pete's sake! This proposition felt equally neutered in influencing the national behavior.

Our goal in presenting a Green Jobs Pledge is to attract and embrace the new technologies that are emerging, giving them the incentive to locate in Kingston or close by. Publicly, there is a general sense that the review council will scare off those companies that may not fit the criteria set forth by the Green Jobs mission.

President James Noble said in the paper, that the city Corporation Counsel’s Office decided some language in the legislation appeared to make the initiatives mandatory, rather than voluntary.

To steal the quote right from the Freeman: “The Aldermen wanted it more like recommendations,” Noble said. I was not alone in these concerns and I'm glad it will get further review.

The City of Kingston is haemorrhaging jobs and population. Our dual tax structure and the business unfriendly atmosphere in New York State aren't helping the situation. Coupling that with a restrictive sounding business review board may prove fatal.

I fully understand the need to diminish our "carbon footprint" as citizens of this planet, but right now the only footprints I see are those of business and population leaving Kingston.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating for classic smokestacks and PCBs in the river, but Carbon neutral manufacturing would be welcomed in my back yard too.


Anonymous said...

Ok- Mike- didnt understand it in the Freeman and do not comprehend it on your blog- In the words of Desi Arnaz.."please eSplain"

hey- green is green and its now sound and necessary for the economic forces to be in place- The last time you guys deferred a resolution it was a $35,000 line item for the Public Access. It was deferred to the next Common Council and deferred for ever. Now Public Access is on its ten count and maybe gone. oh well....In the words of many....is there anyone out there? Does anyone care.
take care,
Shelly Z

Mike Madsen said...

Shelly, I only changed three words in the second "whereas". So obviously that want the main issue.
It's a small change that opened the door just enough for Senor to make a stink in the paper. Hey, it gets his name in print, right?

As for the general theme of the legislation. Everyone knows I'm all for it. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Don't understand why the article had to be in the paper today about the City Clerk. What is wrong with Reynolds? This is a private manner not a public manner.