Monday, May 02, 2011


So the Re-apportionment Commission has had their final meeting this Monday night. The 23 possible Legislative districts have been hashed out over the course of multiple meetings. 
For those interested in the results of the City of Kingston, the city was chopped into three districts using Ward boundaries as guides.

Wards 1,2 & 4 will be District 5; Wards 3,5 & 9 will be District 6 and Wards 6,7 & 8 will be District 7. 
In case you are wondering how it affects the incumbents; Peter is in Ward 4; Dave is in Ward 5; Jeanette is in Ward 8 and I am in Ward 9. This puts Dave and I in the same LD.
I would like to thank the Commission on all their hard work during the last few months. Not everyone is happy, but that was expected. Now, Map #8 goes to the Legislature for a vote. Watch the fireworks begin!


Anonymous said...

Gerrymandered for certain legislators. They did not do a good job, why the kid gloves?

Anonymous said...

You and Dave huh? I think you're going to do just fine! Where do you want me to send the check?

Anonymous said...

Can the legislature amend the plan on the floor? It is what it is now let the cards fall. You have Aiello and Frey You and dave, Hayes and Terrizzi any other primaries. Wish you the best but some of the incumbents its timeto go. Maloney, Harris, Gerentine, definitely Felicello, Provenzano thank you good by,Loughran The legislature has done NOTHING the last 2 years Good bye to almost the whole crew. Just shows you the voters are stupid.