Saturday, May 14, 2011


Robin Yess is done. She has announced her resignation as the Chair of the Ulster County Republican Party. Through a series of heated emails this past Friday evening, she and her predecessor Mario Catalano covered plenty of contentious points and took turns pointing fingers at who are to blame for the recent history of the Republican Party.
Accusing other committee members of working to oust her from the leadership position, she laid out her case against what she called: (GOB) or Good-Ol-Boys club within ranks of the party.
Throwing accusations about back room deals and third party bullying, Robin went on to say as a civilian, she can now focus on her real job 125%. When pressed by Mario for at least one name of someone she knows working to take her out, she offered David O'Halloran. She's not making any friends on her way out.
I hold no ill feelings toward Robin. I think about the condition of the GOP here in Ulster County and have to fight the urge to ask my Republican colleagues to give her another year to prove herself. But then why would they want to hear from me?


Anonymous said...

Amazing. Can't say I'm shocked. With her teaparty views getting in the way of winning elections, it was only a matter of time. Of course she would see a conspiracy in the works.
Is there any indication as to who might replace her?

Anonymous said...

O'Halloran and Bernardo have been working to consolidate their power so that they can control county politics. When residents from that area first told me this I thought it was a joke. But now that I see the deals that they have made and the things they have accomplished in the Republican party I am starting to believe it. Now the Democrats need to watch out. Starting with Bernardo's back office deal with Auerbach to hand him last year's election, he is now entrenching himself more with deals that he has cut with the Executive's race this year. That endorsement and the power exerted on the GOP to submarine any chance of an opponent didn't come for free. Nor did Auerbach's luck of being put up against joke of candidates last year. Mark my words, these guys see the Republican and Democrat country bumpkins as their group uneducated personal play things. The democrats are selling their souls to the devil just like the GOP did a couple of years ago.

Anonymous said...

Your headline on this post is inappropriate, Mike. "Stick a fork in her?"

The last time I heard that statement being used was a U.S. Air Force pilot who just committed fraticide by firing a missile at a U.S. tank crew.

Republican or Democrat, you have to admire this woman's stance on the real issues at hand. Unlike our legislators who argue about what snacks to put in the vending machines or who is going to be in charge, Zimet, Rodriguez, Provenzano?

As a registered Democrat, I admire Robin Yess. She has the moral courage to stand by her opinions, consistently speaks with intelligence, and is willing to tackle the tough issues.

The entire lot of legislators could learn a thing or two from her.

I still stand by my prinicple of voting for the best qualified candidate--whether that may be a Democrat, a Republican, man or woman.


Anonymous said...

She was doomed to fail. Poor leadership of the republican party has been and will continue to be its demise. Why would anyone want to be involved? It is absolutely shameful that this shakeup has to be aired in public.

Anonymous said...

I think you'd top picture says it all. She walked Paladino around like a saint when he was turning off Republicans throughout the state. Sure she was touting a purist conservative perspective, but at the cost of sacrificing key positions around the county. Couldbe even take out HINCHEY!
Robin will end up a minor footnote in Ulster's political history and if she's smart she will go back to making non-partisan money in the private sector without playing baby sitter to the sad club known as the Ulster County Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that Billiam in the background? No wonder Yess has such a sour puss on her face. Oh wait a minute, she always has a sour puss on her face.

It's a shame that Yess thinks this is a GOB problem. It's not a GOB problem - it's an inability to get along with everyone problem.

Anonymous said...

The best friend Ulster County Democrats had.