Monday, May 30, 2011


I have to say, even with the early morning storm and the mid-day humidity, it was a terrific day to experience the Memorial Day Ceremony and Parade in Kingston.
It's not every day that we reserve a time to acknowledge and honor those who served or are serving in a military capacity, but we should.
Today marked the ninth time I witnessed the service as an elected official and I never get past the distinction that we are merely temporary place holders who barely manage our governing affairs while brave men and women are out there making it all possible.

Below is a picture of the choir that sang the National Anthem and God Bless America. They were great!

Having said that, I figured I would just post a few pictures that I took as the day went on. Thanks again to those who serve our country and may our government treat you right when you come home.
I followed the Kingston FireFighters after the parade to their memorial park where they had an additional ceremony commemorating the passing of several former members. Also very moving experience as the bell was wrung five times to signify the losses. It was a solemn day, full of heavy thought, but also filled with joy, as we encourage our soldiers to carry on their duties in harms way.  
I have to mention that the AOH bagpipe brigade were on hand to play Amazing Grace. As often as I hear that song, in all of it's renditions, I never fail to choke up during it's performance. Beautifully done.
Below is a picture of that iconic statue at the park. It's an interpretation of four firefighters carrying 911 victim #1; Mychal Judge, the Franciscan Chaplin who was the first to perish during the WTC attack. Also worth stopping by to look at next time you have a spare minute.  

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