Thursday, April 28, 2011


Another week has passed and the Ulster County Reapportionment Commission has pushed for yet another meeting this Monday to continue the dialogue on the Legislative districts. 
The public should know just how difficult this process is. The second you shift a few census blocks to make one hamlet whole, the ripple effect throws two or more out of compliance. They chase the numbers around the county like a dog chasing it's tail.
This doesnt mean they are doing anything wrong. This is merely the sausage making process of redistricting exposed in real time, and it's not pretty or quick. Introduce political influence and you make matters worse. One district in Plattekill/Marlborough looks like the NYS Senate drew the lines, it's that bad.
Personalities and politics aside, the new lines must be presented to the public and then the Legislature during a special session. Time is not on their side.
My thanks to those who volunteered for this duty. I don't envy you.


Jeremiah said...

All the hurt feelings aside, the committee has done a decent job. The recent maps I have seen show that the committee is making a real effort at keeping municipalities whole, which seems to be residents' biggest request.

Anonymous said...

Aside from some last minute political adjustments by some commissioners to avoid primaries, the commission did a wonderful job of listening to input from the public. The filming of the process aided in fulfilling the mandate to keep the process transparent. It will show the process, warts and all.

Anonymous said...

9:56 Well you are correct, but what they did was far from "a wonderful job". They were not suppose to let politics, incumbency, enrollment or anything other than people come into this plan. They either created districts initially or altered the plans several times to accommodate legislators.
He is a list that I can come up with that should have a cake walk in November thanks to this mess.

Anonymous said...

naive - def. Marked by or showing unaffected simplicity and lack of guile or worldly experience

That would be the correct word for anyone who thinks this commission was doing things without political influence. Give and take and protect your friends. That is what happened and that is anything but a wonderful job.

How in the world did people like Donaldson and Loughran, Filecello and Gerentine, Frey and Fabiano end up in different districts?

Wonderful my ass.