Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This Saturday April 30th, The City of Kingston will experience the third annual Clean Sweep throughout the central part of the city. One of the chosen focus areas this year is the abandoned trolley tracks behind the Rondout Bank on Broadway.
My reason for highlighting this task on the Blog is to give those of us who will participate in the clean-up a quick look at just how much work is ahead of us this Saturday. Clear bags will help distinguish the recyclables from the trash.
For decades, people living on either side of the old railbed, have thrown their household trash and yard waste down in the channel. This of course puzzles all of us because the City collects trash, recycling and yard waste at the curb weekly.
In years past, tire companies had thrown truck loads of old tires by the tunnel opening. With help from friends, I have been dragging up piles and taking them to the City Transfer Station. There are still about 50 left.

The fence post below, is one of 10 that came from the back yard of a neighboring property. It had just been thrown on the tracks before I wandered down last fall. The holes were still visible in the yard. The owner said he had no idea where they came from. He was still holding the shovel. 
The owner of this tree below, told me she didn't know where the tree came from. She was standing on the trunk when she said this. 

This massive pile of brush below, wasn't hear last year. I had actually gotten this far up from the tunnel collecting recyclables around November so there has been property clean up this spring. Can someone tell me how a neighbor just arbitrarily throws this down here knowing the City Sweep is heading this way? 
This last shot is the other end of the tunnel. The tracks head west at an incline from here so the drain to the lower left needs constant attention. The piles of debris through the whole railbed have made it a soggy mess so be prepared for tough, wet and smelly work Saturday morning. Meet-up is 9am at the bank parking lot. 


Anonymous said...

When do you have time to do your real construction job?

Anonymous said...

If enough people show up to make a difference down on these tracks, you're going to have a huge load of stuff to transport.
Do we have city trucks planned for onsite use? Will volunteers be expected to separate recycle from trash? Who is paying the tipping fees?

Anonymous said...

Great job Mike! You are a hard worker. Committed to your community!

Anonymous said...

Let me make this clear: this particular cleaning spot is not for children. There is broken glass and swampy muck everywhere. If you have your offspring joining the clean-up, pick another project.

D.Brown said...

Just got back a few hours ago from the massive cleanup. While I worked on the streets above the tunnel I did peer down and saw some unbelievable types of refuse. Good job to the hard workers in the trenches(literally). As to fellow Kingstonians, I am appalled that you feel compelled to dump garbage in those areas. To the person who threw the car/truck door over on the embankment, what were you thinking? Maybe I should have taken a closer look to see if there were any vehicle ID's inside the door frame.Poison ivy prevented me in doing so. My next observation was hanging plastic bags that blew into the trees like ornaments except when we retrieved them via a long arm picker they contained dog poop!! It is great you are scooping up the pooches do-do but please take it back home. Don't pitch it over the sides. Defeats the whole purpose of scooping up after your dog. Very unsightly.
Lastly, to all of the smokers in the city, can you please contain your cigarette butts to yourself? Dispose of them properly. What a massive amount of butts we picked up in the gullies, grassy areas and street grates. Better yet, try to quit.
I would like to see a massive citizen cleanup twice a year: Spring & Fall.

Anonymous said...

As the tracks are still in place,wouldn't it be good if a trolley could be run on them again.Not only would it be a good method of transport, but it would be a great attraction.