Friday, May 21, 2010


Does 2010 really look like a Republican year? We have been hearing this from TV pundits since last November. For a while there, I almost felt resigned to the idea that we would lose seats in the House and Senate. Now I'm not so sure.

The Democratic electorate has been showing a strong survival instinct lately. Surprising us by not only nominating candidates who look like winners, but actually making some wins. Since Obama took office there have been special Congressional elections in NY-20, IL-5, CA-32, CA-10, NY-23, FL-19, and now PA-12. How many of them did the GOP win?

In West Virginia, Democratic State Senator Mike Oliverio (pictured left) is poised to maintain the Congressional seat that he took in a primary. That's not the only example, there's also Kentucky's Attorney General Jack Conway who is now facing Rand Paul. As Rand begins his Tea Party meltdown, Jack looks better each day.

PA Congressman Joe Sestak gave up a safe seat to challenge Arlen Specter and won that as a long shot, but did win. It pains me that the White House invested so much in the Specter camp for that one. I expect that to be a win in November, just to say there's a Democrat in the seat rather than an opportunist.

It was assumed that the Murtha seat was going to GOP hands during this special election since the call to arms after the Health Care was so recent. That didn't happen either. Critz beat Burns 54% to 44%. Our friends at Fox News had beat that drum to death leading up to the election only to focus on Lindsey Lohanns DWI case the next day. Like it didn't happen.

If Rand Paul is the new face of the Republican party and continues to get plenty of press, I doubt the movement toward a GOP sweep is going to happen like they hoped. We can only wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Randy Paul has now also called Obama's criticism of BP "unamerican."

Amazing stuff.

Anonymous said...

The pundits can comment on the upcoming political scene but it comes right down to the voter who makes the decision in the booth. I would like to see what you have to say after the election. It can go either way and to espouse that Democrats just might be safe is folly. Don't forget that there is a percentage of NOPs out there who are totally pissed off and might be on the move to remove incumbents. So do not be doing the "happy " dance until after Nov. election.
I realize that this is your blog and you are entitled to your thoughts so I can excuse your premature glee. LOL

Anonymous said...

Rand Paul joins Louis Farrakhan and Saudi Prince Bandar as one of the only three guests to cancel a "Meet The Press" interview in recent history.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to me that you call Specter an opportunist for switching parties to further his political career. I wonder if you say that sort of thing within earshot of our county executive?

Anonymous said...

10:15 - ahhhh... yes, I think Madsen would say that within earshot of our County Executive. Isn't that what the County Executive is? An Opportunitst? He was a Republican until until the Democrats won control of the Legislature and he saw the Obama train coming. Hein is no Democrat and I think most real Democrats know that now.

Anonymous said...

To show you just how crazy this has gotten, the Saugerties Dems just endorsed a Republican over a liberal Democrat to challenge Bonacic. Aren't these the members who screamed the loudest when Members of the party supported the non-Dem Assistant AG Vince Bradley for DA in 2007?
This is how the Democrats plan to maintain control of the leadership? Good greif!