Tuesday, May 11, 2010


"City planners paved the way Monday night for a developer of a large-scale housing project to begin the first significant construction work at the waterfront site."

That's the first line in the Freeman article in today's edition. Did you have to read it twice to comprehend the news? I did. My Council colleagues and I were engaged with the project the whole time I served on the council. We signed off on the final plan only months before I left. To read that the planning board has given AVR the go-ahead to start grading the land for access is such a thrill.

The vote was unanimous. Months from now you'll see excavators start moving some earth. Making way for other equipment. It shouldn't be long before they submit the plans for whatever they think they can build and sell during these rough economic times. I almost cant wait. I'm a firm believer that "If you build it..." simply because people trying to get out of New York City will always want to relocate within the 90 minute radius.

The paper repeated the plans we knew about the North Street and Rt 32 entrances as well as the number of units they expect to launch in Phase One. Each phase of the project will need site plan approval by the Planning Board.

I would have to agree with the Mayor when he says he'd like to get the first shovel in the ground. This project has been in the works for quite a long time. Not that there's anything wrong with the process. The current plan is so much better than the original and the input from the public and interest groups have played a significant part in the final plan, but it has been a long time and has cost Tom Perna and Company allot of money to get to this stage.

Expect to see pictures of the progress as its happening right here on the Blog.


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Anonymous said...

These guys haven't even submitted a site plan yet - they can cry about the Planning Department and Environmentalists but the truth is they can't sell these units. Visit Rhinebeck and look at the unfinished adbandoned condo project. Simone is just keeping his job like Gitter while politicians accept campaign contributions.