Thursday, May 06, 2010



Anonymous said...

In recent decades, our countries have strategized according to where we could best exploit oil reserves in weak countries. What the public doesn't realize is our focus should have been who has the best water sources.

I anticipate serious pushback from the bottling companies that have so much invested in poisoning Americans.
For those of us lucky enough to get water from the City of Kingston, there is no need for bottled water.
Count your lucky stars you get it for the price you do at the tap.


Anonymous said...

I agree 11:22. I have rarely bought bottled water due to the ridiculous cost of purchasing it and here in kingston the tap water is the best. I believe the water bottle addiction came from people who were too lazy to pour into a Thermos for transit. I have even thought that those people sucking the water down from bottles were like babies still on the bottle and not able to make a clean break!! LOL. There is nothing like cool clean water in a cooled thermos. Saved myself some money and the landfills from needless waste. Hopefully with the economic crisis people will return to sustainable means to carry water like a stainless steel reusable & washable container.