Wednesday, May 19, 2010


For those of you looking for the alternative when it comes to election options, have I got good news for you. I have had the privilege of meeting yet another candidate for Congress campaigning on the streets of Kingston!

Just as we saw the amazing win by Rand Paul in Tennessee, we now
have another challenge to Maurice Hinchey. A man by the name of Ihor Procyk.

Ihor was handing out fliers along Broadway in Kingston when I happened upon him speaking to a small group outside Monkey Joes roaster. Claiming to make real change in Washington, Ihor plans to collect enough independent signatures on the designating petitions to actually run in this years general. I followed up with Kathy Mihm and got confirmation that Ihor had indeed been in the elections office seeking information for such a run.

I asked the gentleman what he was running against Hinchey for, and he told me some of his platform. He insists that our Congressman should be here in the district more rather than in DC. He also noted that he would have voted NO on the "socialist" health care bill. As he spoke, I heard some familiar soundbites but had to think on where I had heard them before. Then it dawned
on me: George Phillips!

George has run against Maurice before, didn't get very far when he did, but that hasn't stopped him from running for Congress again. Now we have another candidate to make the race that much more fun!

Ihor says in his flier:
I've been an area resident since moving here in 1967 as a boy from the Lower East Side in Manhattan. My parents owned a small Ukrainian boarding house called Graystone Farm at the corner of Yeagerville and Sholam Road above the Rondout Reservoir in Wawarsing. I have three adult children, as well as a fourteen year old son.

I showed my legislative friends (who know that area) and they confirmed that Ihor is who he says he is and that he is serious in his campaign. Having similar campaign platforms and just as much experience and drive to unseat our Congressman, I would say both Ihor and George have equal qualifications and pose an equal threat to the great Maurice.

Running on the
Clean Sweep Reform Party line, Ihor Procyk is the challenger to watch this November. I would warn Hinchey that a real candidate has finally emerged and gaining on him.


Anonymous said...

Now that's funny. Another candidate equally qualified as the other. Where did you find this guy? Is he serious? If he gets on the ballot, which I doubt, he's liable to take 3% of the 20% expected for Phillips. In which case George will claim it was Ihor who muddied his chances. I can hear it now. Best of luck Ihor, where do I send a check?

Anonymous said...

I would think that George has done more homework on his campaign and the current issues facing United States and our 22nd district. I am pleased to see competition against Hinchey. I think he needs to hang it up and go into the sunset. Let a new voice with fresh ideas represent us. Someone a little less liberal and actually concerned about all of the citizens not just the donors to his campaign.

Anonymous said...

You got to be kidding!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"George and Ihor are equally qualified", that is hysterical! How could you place both of these candidates on equal standing? It's plain to see that one is clearly more qualified than the other. Their backgrounds, if you do the research, you'll find one has the public's interest in his heart.
Get it in your head that Ihor is the better candidate.

Anonymous said...

As a Hinchey fan and frequent reader of Kingston Progressive, I think I get Mike's twisted humor on this special posting of Ihor. It is fun to put the two of them in the same standing in the race. Mike has a sense of humor and it's fun to read what the kiddie Blogs wont. Thanks for entertaining us.


bd said...

This smarmy condescending attitude of you dems is why you are gonna lose many races this Fall.

You all think you are better & smarter than any non-dem & that ain't exactly true, now is it ?

A little more humility & compassion could go a long way, in these divise times.

George Phillips is a citizen of the highest order.
A High School American History teacher could teach the lot of you a huge lesson in how to be a human being & a true citizen.

His intelligence, dedication to the people of the 22nd C.D. & his hard work ethic can & will show "MO" how to govern & represent the good, honest hard-working folks in this C.D.
Shame on you, Mike & the rest of you snide creeps for denigrating a man who steps up & is trying to make a difference & replace the slimy, corrupt, condescending & now SENILE Hinchey.




Anonymous said...

You can send a check to:
Cmte to elect Ihor Proycyk
PO Box 377
Wawarsing, NY 12498

845 707-5034

Anonymous said...

All things being fair:

Phillips for Congress
PO Box 110
Binghamton, NY 13905

Daring you to post this!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Mr Procyk currently has 2 active warrents against him on the UC sherriff's page. How can he run for anything when he has been bouncing checks and disregards the law.

Anonymous said...

And just so we're on a level playing field (ha!), send checks here:

Friends of Maurice Hinchey
P.O. Box 4497
Kingston, NY 12402

Anonymous said...

Wow you're serious about those warrants... both for contempt from 5/31 and 6/21 of this year!

I've heard of running for office from prison, but I've never heard of a fugitive from justice running for office. Nice!

Ihor Procyk said...

Well, any charge against a person is just that until proven in court. And,(tongue in cheek),there is no disqualifier from running for office if one is accused of a misdemeanor. Eugene Debs ran for President from prison(history is an interesting thing). What put him there was his stand against the First World War. My crime was trying to protect my wife from a twice convicted felon who was trying to add my wife to his list of victims, two of which earned him time in State prison as a violent offender. When I tried to enlist the aid of the District Attorney's office to get this convicted, parasitic felon away from my wife and her finances, I was told over and over that, as an adult, she was able to have whatever friends she desired! This rat turd ended up being the District Attorney's star witness in court-but, the current District Attorney is very comfortable calling on felons for support, and pleading ignorance when their complicity is exposed.
As I am currently running for Mayor in the City of Kingston, of course, all concerns should be brought to the light of day and answered. If the charge is to honor my sacred wedding vows, and defend my wife and family against the true scum of society, I would again be willing to do so! And, I would do so for my extended family, my many friends and neighbors in Kingston. We need people of courage and conviction that want to do what is right, and not just what is expedient! My campaign office is at 590 Broadway, between Kennedy Fried Chicken and Big Belly's, across from UPAC. You'll know you are there when you look down-the sidewalk is swept and washed, the gutters are cleaned. Ihor Procyk, CleanSweepReformParty Candidate for Mayor.

PROVOKER said...

mizedAny life out there? As Mr Hinchey is not running for reelection, and the Congressional Districts are yet to be determined, my guess is that it will be put off as long as possible so two back room candidates are the ones on the ballot for Congress in November. IF past performance is any indicator, I would not be shocked if the new Congressional District that Includes Whitfield, TOWN OF ROCHESTER, ULSTER COUNTY(WHERE i LIVE)STRETCHED IN A HALF MILE BAND TO THE CANADIAN BORDER! Look at the "reasonable" State Senate Districts they are proposing. How long will citizens keep paying their taxes as they are lied to and swindled again and again?
Raising $ for my run through ongoing Yard & Garage Sale at my home at 254 Whitfield-701 5271 to see if it's open! Seriously do not want to be beholden to the Sp-dada's, etc or other vermin that is used to deciding who runs.
Shrink Federal Government,Fair Taxes for All,All US Troops home, Sell/give back all Foreign bases, One House Congress Amendment,Term Limits on ALL Federal Elective Offices, No Pensions for Elective Positions,End to Class Warfare, Family Sovereignty Amendment to the US Constitution. If you are not part of the problem through being a current "power broker", CAN YOU become elected as part of the solution? God Bless America-I am determined to prove that you can!

Anonymous said...

Ihor isn't even his real name. His real name is Daniel Prescott-Procyk. He has asumed his birth name because of the massive amounts of child support he owes to his ex-wife, Barbara Podjeko. He has five children- none of whom talk to him (which shows his leadership qualities)- and has three ex wives. How anyone would believe a word out of this loons mouth is beyond understanding. And his warrants were for harassing his ex wife, Barbara Podjeko, and trying to break into her trailer-- not "defending a woman" as he claims. He has never fought a man in his life, but this has never kept him from beating women- just ask one of his ex wifes.