Sunday, May 30, 2010


Below is a YouTube video I recieved through a tweet from Leonard Nimoy regarding the Gulf Oil Spill:


Anonymous said...

Sometimes things don't change much at all.....

Anonymous said...

not enough of America gets to see Keith, Rachel and Anderson so much of the country walks around ignorant of the realities around us. The hypocracy and downright treason that permiates the machine that is Washington through lobbyists and special interest groups.
The oil and coal industry own our elected officials, so to expect serious change in the way they do business to better protect the American people is foolish at best.

I think about all that's on tv today, American Idol, CSI & Modern Family, and I realize if people wanted to know more than what the late night talkers were joking about, they would have to pull themselves away from the mundane entertainment that serves as a break from reality.
I suppose we should be happy they aren't worshipping Beck.

Thank you Rachel for keeping it real.

Anonymous said...

Funny hows there are no lasting damage reports from 30 years ago. If there were I'm sure Rachel would have brought it up. Leads me to believe everything will be alright in the long term, again. Drill Baby Drill!