Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This is terrible. There is a group in California called the Tax Day Tea Party. The just announced that they have uninvited Orly Taitz. This cant happen! Is there anything we can do to change their minds?

The group from Pleasanton, California told the LA Times that it was getting calls from participating candidates who were concerned about being affiliated with Taitz. So let me get this clear; after a year of Obama/Hitler signs and carrying nooses at their rallies they are now upset with Ms Taitz?

Appearances from both Republican Senate hopefuls Carly Fiorina and Chuck DeVore are scheduled. They are vying to take on Barbara Boxer. The party organizers havent refuted her claims regarding the President's birth certificate, they just don't want her stealing the show.

The LA Times adds that candidate John Dennis, a Republican hoping to challenge House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, refused to share the stage with Taitz. What Mr Dennis doesn't understand is that the people who will show up to this event want to see Orly and hear about the death panels and Maoist government theories. Isn't this what has given rise to the Tea Party?

Take this as a plea to the organizers in California; Please welcome Orly Taitz back to your event and give her the time on stage she deserves! I think it's a sad say when people like yourselves demonstrate the small-tent philosophy that so many of us have suspected. Here is your chance to show us you welcome all points of view in public.


Anonymous said...

You are right on target. This fruitloop should remain front and center with all the other brown shirts hidden in the Tea Party. Orly, queen of the Birthers, will have her place in history just like Randal Terry.


Anonymous said...

Nuts like this person are fun, but hardly our biggest concern. Their own behavior reduces them to punchlines. I am much more worried about politicians who appear respectable and then either make themselves wealthy from their elected positions or decide the rules don't apply to them. People such as Hevesi, Bruno, Geithner, Rangel, etc... The list is long and has names from both sides of the aisle.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to say, all the Tea Party events that I am aware of, held their events without incident.
The people managed to gather on a nice day to express their discontent with the last ten years of wild spending and runaway debt.
Lets hope this economy swings around as strongly as they project and soon!

Anonymous said...

The incoherence of the Tea Party movement id profound. They don't really know what they want, they just know that someone, some liberal, is doing something they don't like. But in a way, incoherence is the whole point.

The movement may have started at a grass roots level, but it's increasingly funded by some very well-heeled right-wing groups who figure that incoherence is a virtue. They don't really care about government waste, after all. They mostly care about making cynical use of shock troops who can help them put a stop to any progressive legislation that threatens corporate special interests.

They need anger to channel, not activists with pesky ideas that might interfere with their agenda.

Joe Bubel said...

Wow, shouldn't you be applauding the Tea Party from distancing themselves from an individual or a group who does not represent their values, or are too extreme for thier liking? If a member of Women in Pink were expelled from their group for say, making a death threat against a member of congress, would that not be the right thing to do?

It is downright sad, you and your readers bet on the demise of a group many everday Americans can relate to, regardless of who is 'funding' it. There were a whole lot of Americans who got behind MoveOn, because their message was clear, and many related to that message. You and your readers had no problems with that 'grassroot' movement, even though funding came from the likes of Soros.

Anonymous said...

Look at this photo. Is everyone in the Tea Party over 80 years old?