Saturday, April 17, 2010


I learned of a Gardening Workshop this Saturday morning through a Twitter alert Friday afternoon. I was looking forward to hearing Jesica Pascual explain what is called French Square Foot Intensive Gardening.

You see, Jesica is the volunteer manager of the City Hall Victory Garden located next to the Gallo Rose Bush on the west lawn. You can see the newly installed string bean trellis as you drive along Broadway.

This style of gardening allows us to grow the maximum amount of vegetables in the minimum amount of space. If all you have is a postage stamp piece of property, you can still enjoy the process of growing and harvesting your own veggies.

Jesica showed samples of quality mulch you could mix with your soil as well as options for mixing it and how deep. Rebecca Martin showed us a bag she acquired produced in Hudson, NY while we discovered UCRRA also has garden mulch available at their Rt 32 location.

I should also remind you that you can always create your own mulch from your grass clippings, leaves and veggie scraps right in your own back yard.

Now, what do you suggest we do with the deer, rabbits and squirrels waiting for our garden to flourish? Hmmm

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