Saturday, April 17, 2010


Standing here is Steve Noble.
He's obviously not the "Big Belly" I refer to in the title.
For those of you driving around the City of Kingston in the last week, you'll notice the new high tech trash bins in some of our most notorious trashy locations along Broadway.

The novelty of the solar powered trash crusher is enough (we hope) to get the locals to use the collector. Steve, his wife Julie and the Recycling Coordination staff have worked a long time to acquire these compactors and I think I speak for everyone when I say Job Well Done!

I sometimes infuriate my friends and family when I make the statement that "People who step over trash are no better than the people who threw it there." Now people along Broadway may find it a curious duty to get the wrapper or cup in their hand into the compactor just to see if they are the one to trigger the crusher.

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

So who is going to empty these new trash cans?

Anonymous said...

Simple question:The DPW have a weight limit that OSHA permits them to pick up...50 pounds. If the crews already leave bags and barrels that are too heavy to collect at our curbs, then after a few weeks of the compactor doing it's job, who do we expect to collect this trash?
We should assume that this container is going to be three to four times as heavy as a weekly collection container?

I'm just askin.

Anonymous said...

Who paid for these machines? From what Ive seen on the web, they arent cheap!