Sunday, April 25, 2010


Last week, our US House of Representatives passed the "Caregivers & Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act"
(I know that's quite a mouthful)

Congressmen Hinchey, Hall and Murphy joined with the rest of the majority to insure that veterans and their families get the care and support they need and deserve.

This bill will also provide support for disabled, ill or injured vets and brings in the whole new level of health services for the 1.8 million women vets who have traditionally been overlooked.

Maurice Hinchey was quoted in a recent press release: "The brave men and women who protect our country need and deserve our support as they address the physical and mental wounds they've suffered in the line of duty. I'm proud to have voted to pass this landmark legislation, which improves health services for veterans and provides services and provides assistance to the family members who care for those who have been injured. For too long, military families have shouldered the the burden of care, and this legislation will provide the relief they desperately need."

Having served in our armed services, I asked State Senatorial candidate Larry Delarose how he felt about the actions of the Congress: "Frankly, the upgrade and the recognition of women's health services has been long overdue. The VA is now offering prenatal coverage and newborn services for our returning female service members." He added: "What our representatives have supported is nothing less than monumental."

Hinchey's release concluded: The act will also improve access to physical and mental healthcare for Vets in rural areas as well as provide resources to learn more about the tragically high suicide rate among our returning vets these days.


Anonymous said...

Hinchey is losing it. Did you hear him at the Chamber breakfast? I actually felt bad for him. He used to be a great orator, now he is a shell of his former self. I think the end of his career is fast approaching.

Anonymous said...

Another great bill supported by Congressman Hinchey! Great stuff.

My oldest brother recently managed to get his veteran's benefits [Korea] instated - after years and years of trying - and this bill will hopefully prove helpful to him [better late than never] now.