Tuesday, March 02, 2010


So, our Governor David Paterson is not seeking re-election this November. Leaving the opportunity for Andrew Cuomo to make his move for the position, as we suspected would happen anyway pending a primary challenge. That news conference is sure to come shortly.

Last week while in Manhattan, Paterson said: "Today I am announcing that I am ending my campaign for governor of the state of New York. It has become increasingly clear to me in the last few days that I cannot run for office and try to manage the state's business at the same time."

We all know Paterson has suffered from record-low approval ratings which only added speculation that he wouldnt survive such a primary against Cuomo. Now, as if he experienced an epiphany, David has opted not to run. This isnt such a bad attempt to diminish what could be more bad news for the Governor in months to come. Who knows where the AG's latest investigation will lead. It is the New York Governor's seat you know.

If he were to resign, which he swears he wont, we would have a Governor Ravitch for the remaining term ending December 31st. Does anyone know anything about Ravitch? Me neither.
New York is in a heap of trouble.

Here's the kicker; the Madame that managed the call girl outfit that supplied Eliot Spitzer with his playmates, has made it known that she will also satisfy the petition process to be eligible to run for Governor on an independent party line this November.

What are the odds that you'll see the name Kristen Davis next to Andrew Cuomo and Rick Lazio on the ballot? Who would she endorse as Lieutenant?


Anonymous said...

You mean that Madame Kristen would name a man beneath or underneath her position??!! NYS is getting to be a bigger embarrassment by the hour. First the members and now the governor's race. Who else is left to cause us grief? Why don't we flush them all away.? They are all without morals or ethics.

Anonymous said...

OK, where do we sign up to volunteer for the Davis campaign? I like the idea of knowing when we're getting ****ed upfront, and she'd be the most honest of the three of em!

NO MO Cuomo said...


They drain our great State & all for their own corrupt aggrandisement !

Andrew is Mario in populist clothing !

Anonymous said...

The only difference between Kristen Davis and the rest of the politicans in Albany is that she got caught.

She wants to use legal hookers and weed to generate tax money for NY, I am all for it. Let those people pay their fair share in this state for once.

She is pro gay marriage, pro NRA, pro marijuana, and pro everything else as near as I can tell.

Finally a candidate that stops playing the social issue card and is going to focus on making new money in this state rather than tax the same people that already can't afford it. The best part is the legislature will probably do exactly as she tells them or else she will start releasing new names from her list.

Where do I sign, where do I donate and where do I vote?

Anonymous said...


If I am going to ****ed I would certainly not object to her doing the ****ing.

the democrat deal said...

Dear Mr. Cuomo, A Sure Thing was a romantic coming-of-age comedy from the 80's. In Politics, there is no such thing as a sure thing. Just ask President Hillary Clinton.

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