Tuesday, March 02, 2010


You all may remember an article I did last year about Paterson appointing Harry Corbitt to superintendent of the State Police. Remember all the comments about what a terrific choice he was? Well, he may still be a terrific cop and has my utmost respect for all he's done in the past, but his long history of serving the State of New York is over.
Corbitt, has acknowledged only a week ago, that a state police official had contacted the woman who accused Paterson's aide, David Johnson, of assaulting her last fall. Soon after, the woman dropped complaint. According to AP reports, Corbitt has expressed discomfort with the pressures of being involved in the developing story and has decided to leave office.

I eluded to the possibility that the Governor's troubles may not be over yet in an earlier post. According to the News 9 transcript that I found, Corbitt's boss, Deputy Secretary for Public Safety Denise O'Donnell, resigned a week ago, saying direct contact by the governor and troopers with the woman was "unacceptable" regardless of their intent.

If this thing gets any deeper, Paterson may follow the footsteps of his predecessor and leave us with Governor Ravitch like I predicted. Does this seem like one of those slow motion car accidents that you just helplessly watch as it happens? It's remarkable.

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