Friday, March 05, 2010


For those of us who are aware of the legal drama swirling around our leaders in Albany, one chapter stands out among the rest. The assault case and ultimate expulsion by the State Senate of Hiram Monserrate of Queens.

Since then, José R. Peralta, an Assembly member who's district overlaps that district, has taken up the challenge and, with the endorsement of the Democratic party, is heading toward a win this March 16th. There is just one twist.

Monserrate has collected enough signatures to qualify for a space on the ballot during the primary. He wants his seat back, claiming he was unfairly tried and expelled from the Senate. The 13th District is about 80% Democrat, so the winner of the Primary pretty much decides the race, that doesn't mean Hiram wont still be on the ballot in November as an independent. Plenty of time to paint himself as the victim, right?

Mr. Peralta enters the race with a record free of any controversy, is well liked and has the strong support of his electorate; including the party’s organization, elected officials and district leaders.
Considering just how much of a mess our State Senate has been in the past year partially because of the actions of Monserrate and a few others, it will be a just send-off for Hiram at the hands of the voters.


Anonymous said...

I cant imagine Monserrate running his campaign from a jail cell. But then again, this is New York politics, the voters might not even care and re-elect him.

Anonymous said...

What a disgrace, this Monserrate dirt bag! Obviously, the voters who signed his petition are not educated about his offenses or even worse, they don't care. No wonder NYS is in the shape it is. I wouldn't put it pass him to"buy" the election. What did he promise them?

Anonymous said...

On Tuesday, March 16, the voters turned Monserrate out to pasture and elected Peralta as the Dem candidate.
A wash of relief fell upon the state of New York.