Saturday, March 06, 2010


I am happy to report that the House members who represent our region, Maurice Hinchey, John Hall and Scott Murphy, voted in favor of a very important bill last Wednesday. The "Keeping All Students Safe Act" by a vote of 242-153.

Pulling information from the Website:, I discover that H.R. 4247 was introduced in December by Education and Labor Committee chair George Miller (D-CA) and Committee member Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA). Their goal is simply to “outlaw child abuse in schools.”

The bill’s stated purposes include the following:

(1) prevent and reduce the use of physical restraint and seclusion in schools;

(2) ensure the safety of all students and school personnel in schools and promote a positive school culture and climate;

(3) protect students from physical or mental abuse, aversive behavioral interventions, physical restraint or seclusion;

(4) ensure that physical restraint and seclusion are imposed in school only when a student’s behavior poses an imminent danger of physical injury to the student, school personnel, or others….

Another line in the article I have to republish is: It’s hard to decide which is more shocking: the fact that 153 members of the United States Congress would see fit to vote against such a bill, or the fact that it was needed in the first place.

Doesn't that line startle you too?

Here is a link to the article:

Here is a link to the full roll call here.


Anonymous said...

I read the article and find it disturbing, as you noted, that this would even have NAY votes at all. Is this an accepted practice in the districts of those who voted against this? Does it correlate with our assumptions of some of the House Members voting records of the past?

Perhaps we should break out the duct tape and solitary rooms for those Representatives when they fail to consider the safety of our children in school.


Anonymous said...

I am more concerned that it address the "bullies" in school who can psychologically damage a child for the rest of their lives and the school system sits on their hands in terms of delaying addressing the problem. In some cases they have been too late.
Unfortunately, schools have had to become parents, counselors, ministers and enforcers for many students due to parents abdicating their responsibilites.

Anonymous said...

I read the article and saw instances of staff either not trained or poorly trained in the use of physical restraints and when to use restraints. The use of isolation rooms without supervision is horrible policy. The wording of the article was a bit gratuitous. For example describing a room as stark sounds much worse then it is when one has to consider that for a child whose behavior is out of control any object can be used to harm himself or someone else.

This sounds a bit like grandstanding to me since it was already against the law to abuse a child. I would be surprised if the wording of the law is much different then the wording of the laws of individual states and the policies of the schools already on the books.

Anonymous said...

Not too long age I saw CNN showed southern states' school administrators talking about using corporal punishment as a regular disciplinary tool. It truly is a different world in the red states. They intentionally stunt the intellectual abilities of their youth.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this a duplicate of what is already in place in many schools thru out the states?
Please get down to real business! If you want to protect children , get their parents back to working again so that they can provide a safe and less stressful family environment.

Joe Bubel said...

Oh Boy, more 'Feel Good' legislation. God, why is everything that comes from the progressive left sound as though it comes from a nursery school. "I can't believe anyone would vote nay"? Is the exact response the progressives want, when they submit OVERREACHING government regulations. Of COURSE, I want my child SAFE in school. But tying the hands of our educators and adminstrators in addressing problem students, does NOT help the student's future, nor does it help other students being interrupted.

You are all for breeding a generation who will be dependant on our government, for all of their needs. Which is the foundation for socialism, and the progressive movement.

I can't wait for the "All Students are Winners Act", where the federal government will tell schools they are not allowed to keep scores in sports, and student grades are based on participation, instead of actual test scores. And of course, SP @ 11:26 would say, I can't believe ANYONE would vote Nay for making sure all children are are winners.

Anonymous said...

Bubel obviously got the crap beaten out of him and probably does the same to his kids. We all know now the correlation between low IQ's and spanking. Go ahead Bubel, tell us how stupid people are necessary in society so Republicans have someone to vote for them.

Joe Bubel said...

6:27, if you had any balls, calling me out with snide and rude comments, you would use your name.

I don't blame you though. You fear me, because you know me. And you know I can sway discussion, and run circles around your anonymitity. You just keep sucking at the governments teet for your needs. I will continue to make my own sucess, with my 'low' spanked IQ.

Anonymous said...

What about legislation that finally addresses the real ongoing abuse of young people today stretching far back into yesteryear, ie, that by(enforced sexual slavery of celibacy-laden) Roman Catholic Clergy?
Too much money involved for any pol to have the cajones to do it?
Yessir, absolutely.
Would Joe Bubel(or anyone) support that, or would that just "go against his religion" somehow?
That's created more mental health issues in this nation than all the drugs, wars, crime, and poverty combined. Yet we dare not so much as talk about it--lest Jim Sottile or someone gets on their highhorse to oppose such unrighteousness yadayada.

Anonymous said...

My introduction to hypocrisy came when a high school bully suddenly died, and then the priest eulogized him as if this priest received a million dollars from his family.
Bullies suck but listen--no one ever did anything about Jim Sottile beating up kids on Emerson Street in Kingston on his way to school because some kid called him a name either, and he continues to bully his way through his career fakery--which is allllll coming out this year....stay tuned.