Monday, July 06, 2009


Once again, I am impressed that some plans in Kingston can come together. The Rondout came alive this past Sunday reaching "standing room only" status moments before the fireworks began.

With most of the financial credit going to Mainetti, Mainetti & O'Connor, they and the other donors provided Kingstonians with a celebration worth documenting.

With food service limited to just local restaurants, the merchants benefited from the event as well. The crowd was less likely to experience digestive problems the next day.

Below are some shots I took above the crowd and of the display.
And when it's all over...the streets are empty and the trash crews prepare for the Monday morning clean-up.

Were you there?


Anonymous said...

There was a communal buzz in the air this year. Like the celebration came alive through a public effort instead of out of the city budget. I think everyone knew it too.
KUDOs to all who made it happen. Your pictures and Clark's videos help to convey the sense of unity and harmless fun. You found a good spot to take pictures.

Anonymous said...

looks like Butchy Guido did ok @ Mariner's, good for him,, one of the good guys, too, like you Mike,

Stay Strong in the face of all this crap, bro, you will overcome it all with a VICTORY !

republican & straight in yr corner !

Anonymous said...

I sure hope this "festival" didn't cost the city one single penny. Considering that there are city employees who got laid off this year and have no jobs it would be really obscene if even one penny was spent out of the city's coffers to pay for this party.

Mike, how can we find out?

Anonymous said...

I was there (early afternoon) and it was definitely (at that point) an excellent celebration! I'm also about to put some photos (relational to this) up on my blog - so feel free to visit at

I was "Chips"... the clown... for a few hours :)