Friday, July 17, 2009


It's all over the state capitol...our Governor's dog, Cheerio snuck up on a carpenter working on the staircase railing and bit him on the calf. What type of dog would be so ferocious? Why a teacup Maltese of course.

Cheerio has a history of being over protective of the Paterson's while living in the mansion. Seems the other victims have been the elevator operator and a painter.

So why is this news? Well, it seems the tag line for the AP reports everywhere is that "Cheerio is the only thing in Albany with any bite." Considering the lack of action by the Senate in past weeks. But also the fact that these big burly contractors would get all huffy over the dog that's just a little bigger than a hamster attacking them.

We have real dog attacks here in Kingston that get no press and have real victims with real scars to prove it. Yet, this makes news in Albany.

To the right is the fella who finally called homeland security on Cheerio. His name is Tom Keyser. I'm waiting to hear how much he will settle for once he heads for court.

And where is his Union Rep during all this? These are dangerous working conditions, so I don't think we'll hear the end of this.


Anonymous said...

You are crazy.
How did you hear about this incident?
I had to laugh when I thought about the carpenter yelping when the fur ball came at him. must have been a sight to see.
My guess is that the crew teased him so badly that he felt he had to do something to make it bigger than it really is. Poor guy. Give him some money for his pain and suffering.

Anonymous said...

Sottile/Noble will need a guard soon. Crime is on the rise and they will do nothing about it. The Mayor will have his personal bodyguard at taxpayer expense, like he did when a couple of kids made a threatening phone call. Not a lot of "serious" crime out by Noble so he doesn't care about the rest of the City. On top of Linderman Ave is just some old crack dealer is about as rough as it gets. Sottile/Noble must come down off thier high horse and see how the rest of us live.

Anonymous said...

Mike: Not front page news- Can you imagine if Public Acceess TV was back on the air-See you at the Chamber mixer at Little Italy or later at the 721 bdlg opening