Thursday, July 23, 2009


There was a story in the Record last week about the Royal Prince Willem-Alexander and his Princess Maxima visiting the Hudson Valley this September.

Seems the Grand Fleet from the Netherlands will be joined by the NATO Fleet in the trek up the Hudson. It falls on the same period as the traditional Harbor Day Celebration. They are all supposed to hit the ports along the river as they head north to Albany.

With Kingston being what it is while having one of the most inviting waterfront docking access points, I'm sure the flotilla of Super Yachts and Fighting Dutchmen will be compelled to pull in for a weekend. That's when we realize that Kingston is not equiped to handle that kind of traffic madness and tourist accommodations.

The Prince's mother Queen Beatrix visited Kingston 50 years ago as a youngster. Now her son gets to follow in his mom's footsteps as he visits our historic sites in the city. Will we provide a mode of transportation once they set out to see what's here. Can you see the Prince on the City Bus? You know I'm kidding.

A lot can happen between now and September. Reserve your rooms now!

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Anonymous said...

i hope they brought some " baked goods" from Amsterdam with them. now THAT would be diplomacy of the "highest" order.

Welcome to the Dutch. always a friend to America.