Friday, July 17, 2009


As stated in the Freeman today, Deborah Schneer, was confirmed by the state Senate this week to be the next Ulster County Court judge. Once she takes over the position in August, our county court will have a full time judge handling the case load.

Even our D.A. Holley Carnright is looking forward to a steady judge. He noted that the current list of stand-ins trek down from Albany, which must create it's own level of chaos in County Court. Don't you think?

The paper pointed out that Deborah will be the first woman to hold the position. But she wont be the first woman to be elected to that position until the voters chose to do so in November. Her appointment would have been a month ago, had the knuckleheads in the State Senate not had a melt down during the last month.

Don Williams will be the Republican candidate for County Judge as well and looks forward to the campaign. The petition season is over, leaving the campaigns with the whole summer to gear up and exhaust their electorate with letters, postcards, and phone calls as we do every year. You'll see us at the County Fair, farmer's markets, social events and in the Parades.

The names and faces may change, but for some, the campaign season never ends.


Anonymous said...

I hear it in Kingston that Williams is sure to win the judgeship. But that's Kingston. Out beyond the walls of Oz, people feel differently. Same goes for the Clerk's race. I think these races are tighter than the insider's think and noone should make any foolish bets this year.

Anonymous said...

Deborah Schneer and Gilda Riccardi (County Clerk Candidate) are working hard to EARN a victory this election.

Anonymous said...

If we want to eliminate corruption in this county,voting for deborah Schneer will be a step in the right direction.PW

Anonymous said...

Deborah Schneer may be a fine person but County Court is not the place for her talents. Our former DA Don Williams has the experience required in this very serious court. He was a well respected DA, and will have not only my vote but the vote of many, many democrats as well.