Thursday, February 28, 2008


Tonight, Thursday, February 28th, the Cable Committee of the City of Kingston met and had a discussion on the possible funding of the KAPAC studio (channel 23)

Channel 23 serves the seven townships of the City of Kingston, towns of Ulster, Esopus, Hurley, Rosendale, Marbletown and Kingston. Each are responsible for placing representatives on the KAPAC commission and some portion of funding.

Tonights meeting focussed on the demands made by members of the Council as well as the mechanisms availible to change the tone of some of the program producers.

I asked the committee members to consider a revenue line in the City Budget of 2% of the TWC Franchise revenue. This notion cought some by suprise and I got a plea to educate the other members further during the month of March. Council President Jim Noble suggested forming a think tank to hash through the sticking points that still get resistance from four of the Councilmen. I agreed as did many of the KAPAC commissioners present.

The subscribers in the City of Kingston amount to 38% of the total in the franchise district. I felt it was a good starting point to achieve the $8,000/year we expect from the City.

There will be a nu,mber of different proposals come next April. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

I'll read anything anyone takes the time to write on local issues, but I have to ask: How does one sign up to receive this blog?? The others have a place to click on to sign up, and the blogs appear on my toolbar. So, how do I sign up??

Anonymous said...

2% is more than fair. Keep up the great work on this issue.

Do not get distracted by others offering half-a-loaf. If you BS the Baker [taxpayers] you get none later on!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for supporting KAPA, and for being exactly who you are! The world needs more people with moral courage, and methinks some of you bloggers are leading the pack :)