Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The City of Kingston website has a new interactive function for us to opine on economic affairs. This is good.

Many residents have expressed concern that their needs aren’t attended through the lack of communication with our elected leaders. I have been on the receiving end of these accusations myself, but the people have a point. To harp on the federal, state and local failures over the last decade you begin to understand why the citizens have a distrust in their leaders.
This source of public input will be a valuable asset to ease the unrest and may even guide the bunch of us lawmakers in the spirit of our constituency.

Planning Director Suzanne Cahill was stated in the Freeman "The intent of the survey was to provide an opportunity to the general public to identify areas and issues that they feel are important and critical to the redevelopment of this particular property," Cahill said.

She also said the survey will remain on the Web site,, through March 14. Copies of the survey also are available in the Planning Office at City Hall, 420 Broadway.

I have to agree with AnnMarie DiBella on this one, I think the City of Kingston has done more than its share of the Affordable Housing burden. I would like to see condos sold at the market rate without government subsidies and sale restraints. Go to the city site and make your voices heard.

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Anonymous said...

There is still a need for affordable housing, but I don't think it should be placed within the city limits.

Decent apartments, with all of the necessary (safe, private and effective) facilities in place and operative (out in the country, but close to bus stops)would, I think, be the best low-income options for folks.


Because fresh air and space, in general, do wonders for the (for lack of a better word) "soul." And since low-income households tend to have higher rates of social problems (addiction, etc.) --- it would be better NOT to jam them all together in areas that are already drug and/or crime infested.

Just an opinion.

The City of Kingston REALLY needs facilities that will provide decent paying jobs for City residents. Thus, I think condos should be placed outside of the City limits, as well.