Friday, February 29, 2008


I just thought to point out that we have an addition to the Broadway storefronts in Midtown East.

Located between Burger King and the Kingston Hospital is a pool hall with full sized Brunswick tables.

The owners Mark & Rebecca Lanier live on Staple Street, right in the Ninth Ward.

What struck me, was before I cought them open, I noticed the weekly trash and recyclables were seperated at the curb like text book. I had the best first impression from that point.

The introduction that followed closed the deal. Mark & Rebecca are helpful and intend to make a positive impact in this revived section of Broadway.

Open 2pm to 1am - seven days a week. With tournaments on Tuesday and Sunday evenings.

Whether you have the urge to rack-em-up or want to check out the art show, youll know this is a big plus for Ward Nine. 845 802-0210

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