Friday, February 29, 2008


During the winter months, our streets get a little narrow and hard to navigate. Levan Street is no exception. For years, since the repeal of the alternate side parking, we have had instances of traffic blockage.

Today, caught without my camera, I found a KOSCO truck backing up Levan St from Brewster St because the driver couldn’t get through from Andrew St. He had some interesting words to say about the situation which only became more poignant when he heard the story about the residents and their wishes to keep it restriction free.

So I went back and took this photo when my battery charged up. The delivery was intended for the Gulnick residence. I don’t know if they got their delivery, but this begs the question, where is the safety issue? Fire trucks are wider than an OIL truck.

After caving in to neighborhood pressure, the council voted to repeal the 3 month Alternate Side Parking on this block a few years ago. I only hope there is never an emergency here in the winter because I wouldn’t want to lose any of the residents on this excellent street.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, I tried to leave a comment, but I kept getting thrown I'll just email you with "CONGTATULATIONS!" visually good, and good issue info.
Thanks, Terrie

Anonymous said...

Push to put Alternate side of the street parking - based on days of the week back on.

At the same time, get DPW to be more responsive to getting snow off of ALL streets. Other cities do it - why can't Kingston?

Anonymous said...

Mike, the council has dropped the ball on this issue many years ago. Like the village of Saugerties, parking on city streets should NOT be allowed during the winter months at night. This would then allow the DPW to be able to push back or clear the streets at night without having to worry about parked cars keeping them as open as possible. And don't you believe that 1 minute declaring a snow emergency works. Take a ride down my street, West O'Reilly sometime following a declared snow emergency and see how many vehicles are plowed in and never moved,(some do not move all winter long) nor where ever towed away. If the village of Saugerties can do do it, why can't Kingston?