Tuesday, August 07, 2012


So, there's a vast number of people in OHIO who have been restricted from voting early. Well, the weekend before the general election in November anyway.
The Republican leadership has decided that, since the record indicates most of the early voting occurs in the more dense, urban areas of the state, that the majority of those who participate in this civic exercise are obviously Democratic in their political leanings. 

Problem is, for some reason, the GOP has left the early voting option to military registrants only. Hmmm; what do you think they are assuming?

The Obama campaign's law suit levied against the Ohio admin regarding the imposed restriction intends to once again allow everyone registered to vote early just as it had been previously. Problem is, the Romney camp fully expects to drown in the heavy participation during the early voting. If their DATA says such a turnout, it would seem natural for the Republican governor and Romney's minions to enact such a restriction.

When you see opposition camp and the turds on FoxNews spewing these twisted fairytales to their micro-cephalic viewers, keep in mind; these folks actually cant help it. Remember the edict of Hate the sin, Love the sinner. Lets stick to that.
Eventually the electorate in Ohio will understand just how badly they've been hoodwinked, but until then, be gentle my friends...for they do not know the path they lead.

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