Saturday, July 28, 2012


Gregory Nathan Peterson, seen here with Willard Romney, is the "Go To Guy" in Utah when it comes to Tea Party issues. At least it was.
This was the scene at a fundraiser a few years ago standing proudly with his candidate for President.

Who knew in just a few short years he'd end up the pariah of the Republican Party with 23 felony and two misdemeanor charges in connection with the alleged rapes of four women. 

According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, Peterson is still sitting in jail with a $750K bail set for his release. Suddenly the guy everyone wanted to be seen with is the embarrassment they wish they never knew.

Dont worry. Alleged serial rapist and Tea Party henchman, Peterson isn't going anywhere soon. It's not like people are clammoring to get him out on the streets. Other than maybe the Koch Brothers.

Hard to believe this picture is only a few years old. 
Peterson claims he's good friends with the Romney family, but in all fairness, the Romneys haven't had contact with this screwball. 
Tough to have such fans though.

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Anonymous said...

Uh, these people are proud to be associated with the most heinous examples such as Peterson. They only lie about that in public. Mitt the Twit lies every day. He'd get plastic surgery in a second if he learned of a new physical feature that'd garner votes.