Monday, July 09, 2012


So, we're in the summer season of the Presidential Election cycle. The Romney camp is throwing whatever it can at the incumbent President Obama in hopes of replacing him. The Obama camp is doing what it can to show Romney in his true form. No news there. 
What is news is this revelation that while leading Bain Capital, the firm had actually invested $75 Million in Stericycle, the Medical waste disposal company that built its reputation on efficient collection from Abortion clinics.

Try to imagine the Primary season had the opponents known this little factoid. It would have been the death knell of Romney's assention to the GOP nomination. 

Now, I am a pro-choice advocate. Abortion is what I feel to be a least desired, but important legal option for women who face hard facts about theirs and the child's future and be responsible for the functions of their own reproductive organs.

What strikes me is, Romney is touting his anti-choice credentials during the campaign while shrouding his past financial gains from providing fetus disposal. Would someone explain how his fundamentalist supporters are rationalizing this revelation?
Would Rick Santorum let this go? Where are all the fire & brimstone preachers screaming from the pulpits that such deals with the devil constitute a breech of trust with Religious Conservatives? 
Other than some online news sites like Mother Jones, I havent heard much. 
My thought? Maybe the hypocrisy has reached a point that no-one is shocked anymore and the effort to care has waned to the point that even the Press Core is too frackin lazy to pursue it. 


Anonymous said...

The emotional impact will be long gone by election day. You forget, these whackogelicals are retarded. In a couple months we can start up again. Also, smaller words help. Romney profits from dead baby dumping from murdering abortion doctors. Medical waste disposal is way over their heads.

Anonymous said...

It's always nice to see someone knocking down a presidential candidate, especially since there
is nothing good that Obama has done that you can tout about, except getting rid of Bin Laden, but then again, even that is marred by the fact that security leaks abound over that and it's simple not anyone's fault. Obama can't run on his record because he has NONE

Mike Madsen said...

I tend to publish the ignint comments just to show that there are such people out there.
Lists of Obamas accomplishments are posted in numerous postings online.
You'll find the example just today, where congress blocked yet another serious break for the working class, is enough to counter the idiotic comment just above this one.
When the GOP is done with their agenda of hurting Americans to paint the President as a failure, then we'll all see a change for the better.
With two years of controll,..not one jobs bill has come from Boener and company.
I really don't have to say more.

Anonymous said...

very nice of you to "allow" comments...btw...the house has not had two years of control. They were elected in 2010 to start their business as of 2011 and it is now 2012. When we hit 2013it'll be two years...meanwhile Obama had over 3 years of control
(which includes both the house and senate majority) and failed miserable in dropping the unemployment and fixing the you said, you really don't have to say more.

Mike Madsen said...

Says Mr Anonymous on a lonely Blog in Kingson.