Tuesday, August 07, 2012



Anonymous said...

Oh those fancy charts and graphs! If the repukes could understand them they would help. The ones that do actively work toward an apocalypse anyway. Either stupid or suicidal are the only valid economic theories in the red party.

me again, print this or not, said...

The ones that do actively work toward an apocalypse anyway. Either stupid or suicidal are the only valid economic theories in the red party.

Comments like this only help to make me hate you mean-spirited "progressives" more each day.
Keep posting & i will work even harder to discredit you & DEFEAT your mis-guisded & wrong candidates.
Used to respect ya, Mikey, NO MORE !

Mike Madsen said...

Actually, when it comes to the continual negative rhetoric from the RWNJs since 2008, mr & mrs Anonymous have kept the perpetual dialog of dispare going quite nicely.

I have given much thought to eliminating the Anonymous option from the comments. People who offer opinions for and against an issue, should stand with what they post.

My name is attached to each of mine every time I post a Blog edition. Either way, I will still respect everyone's right to opine so long as they face the public as I do.

Anonymous said...

Hard to discredit facts. I love the idea that the determination of the rightwing to expose themselves for what they are is still strong. All it takes is a little poke and the mask comes off. Without anonymity, we wouldn't have started this nation. Disrespecting you for posting is downright unpatriotic and unAmerican. So Republican these days.

Anonymous said...

Don't despair. As the most venomous malcontents die off or become toxic, the unassailable counterbalance will become unnecessary. Facing the public is limited due to the lack of emergency room facilities. It would be rather messy to vaporlock so many in plain sight. Much neater to use words to program their self destruction slowly from within.

Bd said...

Despair NOT dispare

10:06 has it correct,


Andrew Champ-Doran said...

Perfect graphic, Mr. Madsen,

I think this clearly represents what people are tending to forget. We had overall negative job growth under 8 years of President Bush. In the last 4 years under President Obama, we can count over 4 million in the positive column for private sector job growth, and negative 800,000 in government jobs.

Recovery is not fast enough, but at least we are going in a positive direction. A return to the stupidity that got us into the mess in the first place would prove a fatal blow to the economy.

Andrew Champ-Doran

Anonymous said...

Butch you have only 33% believing you. 63% think Obama will get re-elected. Every day Romniac gets lower.

bd said...

yeah 7:09 ??

Anonymous is a coward's way out of social discourse, "bro"

Stand up if you think you are capable of taking me on,


Keeeesh mein yiddische tuchas,,


Andrew Champ-Doran said...


The Anonymous post prohibition proposed by a couple of our State Legislators was wrong because it was unconstitutional. You have the right and resposibility, though, to control the content of your blog, including the comments. It is your decision, and you are to be respected for it, simply because you sign your name to your decision. All of the BDs and Bubbabands and Anonymous (or whatever tag we are hiding behind today) can't change that.

I feel that you have the right to your opinion, you have the right to express that opinion, but you have the duty to the rest of us to take credit for and ownership of the words you put out for consideration. To do otherwise is, at best, sneaky, and at worst, cowardly.

It is no coincidence that the incivility that is so much a part of our current public discourse took root when a disembodied "Hal from Jersey" got to say whatever he wanted to people in talk radio audiences, but it really blossomed with the explosion of Anonymous content fora on the internet. Hate has a way of hiding in the darkness.

I may or may not agree with you, or Jeremy Blaber, or Rich Cahill, but I love that you have chosen to enter into the public discourse as yourselves, and are trying to contribute to something, other than your own ego.

Thank You,
Andrew Champ-Doran

Andrew Champ-Doran said...

Even the Ulster GOP Chairman, Roger Rasco, agrees:


Use your God given right to free speech, Sign your work.

Andrew Champ-Doran

Anonymous said...

Hmm, if you sign your work then you own it and feed your ego. Butch Dener signs bd because he has a weak ego to feed. He doesn't use his real name to keep his posts to his friends. I don't use my name to keep my thoughts free. Mine travel very far and change the direction of public policy. Signed comments die with their authors. Anonymous commentary has always been the patriotic way to spread ideas across all ideological parties equally. Reminding the weak of their impending demise isn't hate speech. Pointing out the hatred and bigotry isn't either. If anyone really had a valid reason to find my identity, it could easily be done through law enforcement. Of course law enforcement would be equally interested in theirs, as they already are well aquainted with mine.