Saturday, October 15, 2011


In the forgotten Midtown East stretch of Broadway, still lined with those dreadful locust trees, a number of new business owners are clawing their way toward success. One business that has opened recently is the Cafe' and Lounge at 346 Broadway, aka Rendezvous Lounge for those who have ventured upstairs. 
With a limited lunch/dinner menu, deserts and partially stocked bar, the lonely strip is poised to gain new nightlife. Much of the focus on revitalizing business in the city has been limited to uptown and the waterfront, but those who have invested east of the tracks; Monkey Joes, Joey D's, Top Nosh and now Rendezvous Lounge have made their way without much help from city agencies.

With their recently approved liquor license and cabaret permit, the girls are ready to score a new crowd. Catering to the alternative crowd, new faces are likely to show up. The upper lounge is rentable for small parties and if just skipping by, take advantage of the window service at the sidewalk.


Anonymous said...

Bohemian joints like this are the future of Kingston. Well before its time, but prophetically accurate. Dutch roots run deeper in Kingston.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the great bakery and eatery on Hasbrouck avenue..The Fresh and Easy cafe. Very inexpensive and delicious.

Anonymous said...

I stopped in and took the tour. Upstairs would be great to hold a small party but the back patio will be the big attraction next spring. I'm expecting great things here.