Saturday, October 08, 2011


Below is a Letter to the Editor by Larry Delarose sent to the Times-Herald Record regarding our State Elected Officials and their double pay for their one job:

In the past nine months I have personally sent five letters to Governor Cuomo, letters to members of both houses of the legislature including the leaders and letters to the editor in several newspapers on the subject of "double dipping" by state legislators. In addition, dozens of New Yorkers around the state have voiced their anger and disgust over this practice in the same way. In March of this year, I appeared in a news special on FoxNews in New York on the same subject. The response to all these activities has been the same, silence.
I think everyone understands that the Governor and the legislature have many issues to deal with and that this subject obviously is not on the top of their priority list. Having said that, it is hard for everyday working folks to swallow the reality that we currently have 15 members of the legislature using taxpayers money to pay themselves twice for the same job. There are an additional five dozen or more legislators who also qualify to do the same thing. In the face of our current economic climate and the struggles of our fellow New Yorker's to find work and support themselves and their families this onerous practice must be stopped. It would require changing the existing law which makes it "legal". But compared to what our fellow citizens around the state are dealing with I don't exactly call that heavy lifting.
This whole situation begs the question why when so many have asked for action on this display of hubris and greed by elected public officials has their been no response? Didn't Abraham Lincoln say that we want "government of the people, by the people and for the people"?
Lawrence M. Delarose
6 Woodcock Mtn Rd
Washingtonville, NY 10992

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Anonymous said...

its happening in Kingston as well. The retirement incentive product abused by Sottile shows it. People retired and then came back as consultants or some other position, in a quiet manner.

Double-Dipping once shown by George's character in Seinfeld has become commonplace in Government. ...and yet its still taboo at the finger-food table.