Wednesday, October 12, 2011


OK, this hit the wonderful world of twitter last week. I had to share it with you. It seems there has been a sudden rash of Amish against Amish crime in a remote area of Ohio. Yes, just like a gang hit.
It seems there is a splinter group of Amish who have taken to the quiet streets of Jefferson County, raiding helpless families homes and cutting the beards of the men. Oh the humanity!

At this point you're saying, Mike, tell me this is from the Onion! But I tell you it's true. The sheering bandits are a small group of offspring of the ostracised Bishop Sam Mullet. Yes, you read that right. Mullet. Go ahead, laugh. 
I love irony.
What's wild about this 'drive by grooming' is that these guys aren't rebellious youngsters. Mullet's sons Lester and Johnny are 26 and 38. Their friend Levi is 53. All three are in custody.
I am so writing a screenplay with this as the back story.

You could say one mans bizarre crime spree is another mans fetish.


Anonymous said...

Can we send them overseas with nice sharp scissors to wield in the middle east? The haj would be a great place to start.

Anonymous said...

If I see any of these guys hanging around Cedar Street, I'm going to have to sell my home. I just cant take it anymore.