Sunday, October 09, 2011


While on Real Time with Bill Maher former and future congressman Alan Grayson explained to the panel what Occupy Wall Street is all about in less than a minute. 

Some people will no doubt still have a problem understanding. Feel free to play the clip over again.


Poesis said...

Beautifully done Alan Grayson! Dispatched PJ with a lovely degree of embarrassment. I think your time is over PJ. It just ended. So long and thanks for all the snark.

But anyway. Grayson said it all... elegantly and effectively. OWS needs no more of a purpose than that. That's fine for now. Just perfectly fine. OWS is not a policy think tank or political party, it's a Juggernaut of Human Spirit. And if, indeed it's a matter of zHuman spirit and dignity than people will come. We just need to put up some flyers, chat over a few beers, make a few phone calls and pick a place for a rally. Wall Street in Kingston? Peace Park? Poughkeepsie? The time is now. Or maybe the time is the weekend of Oct 21 when Michael Ratner and Frances Fix Piven will be at Oblong Books in Rhinebeck. (How's that for cosmic tumblers falling into place!!!)

I'm new, I (and my family of four) don't know who to talk to. Do you? poesis (at)

Anonymous said...

Fairness, the ultimate description of liberal ideology. An unimpeachable principle upon which we must stand to weather the storms of bias, greed, and the republican way.

Poesis said...

There's a biggish Rally on Wall Street in Kingston Thursday Oct. 13. over 100 people are signed up already. It would be better to have 1,000.

Can you imagine!

Then the weekend of Oct 21. Frances Fox Piven -- nearly the patron saint of democratic action -- and Michael Ratner are in Rhinebeck (Oblong Books Oct 21 7:00 pm)

Wouldn't this be a great weekend for yet another Occupy Wall Street Rally in Kingston.

400 people come on Oct 13. They each tell 2 friends to come back the next weekend for the Occupation Weekend in Kingston. So 1,200 people come to peaceably but angrily let the world know we're Mad as Hell at Wall Street and Corporate Greed.

Go here to sign up and get this started:

For the future's sake,

Anonymous said...

Iran hiring las zetas to kill Saudi envoy. Teaparty again? Al Qaeda? Or all of the above. The theocratic alliances are firming up and turning against each other simultaneously. This must be stirring things up at homeland security. A new terrorist classification for the cartels could be useful. Arming the drones on the border soon I bet.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, so close, but the zetas contact was really a dea informant. Perry must be so disappointed.