Wednesday, December 23, 2009



Anonymous said...

I HATE him!

Anonymous said...

Many of yesterday's "heroes" will soon disappear. McCarthy, once the darling of this nations right took a wee bit long, but now he is a footnote on a sad commentary of the times. With television and cable up to the second news, it will take time for some of our new "role models" to fade, but the time will come when Americans wake up and understand the devisiveness that some of the commentators create. On both sides.

The great aspect of America is that both sides get to tell their story.
With that said, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Hey that sounds like an ending to a great story not yet written

doc said...

A simple question to you....have you watched the show at all??? Or are you simply parroting the findings of a group who disagrees with his position?
Media matters is not exactly a non-partisan group, I think you will agree.

Anonymous said...

To think people actually watch this stuff. FOX Noise is so over the top that other NEWS channels actually spend time doing FOX Fact-Check time on other programs. Quite funny. Or sad I guess.

Anonymous said...

To: 1;34PM
Yup: I do watch the show- I think it is necessary to watch shows like this- Some for entertainment, and others to find out what is being said along non party lines

Anonymous said...

That's because they tried doing Fact Check on Keith Obermann but no one knew who he was.

There must be a lot of stupid people in this world for fox news to beat their next nearest competitor 2 to 1 in the ratings.

Anyone who thinks that any news network on TV is fair and balanced had better turn in their brain card at the door. They are all in this to make a buck, and they do it by shaping the news to meet their own little money making nitche.

tim said...

yes there may be a lot of "stupid people in the world" but Fox beats their competitors in the ratings, simply because it is the only source for this racist, corporate, anti-liberty is the only place for all wing-nuts all the time