Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This past Tuesday evening, while on my way home from work in Blue Mountain, I happened upon a traffic accident. It was a small blue pick-up truck driven by Robert Knisell and he had plowed down a row of mailboxes about 300 feet before reaching Rt 212.

Having just seen evidence of his prior off-road excursion about a mile behind us, I knew it was the same driver, and immediately pulled across from his landing sight. Joined by the neighboring business owner Kathy Guerin, we approached the driver.

As you'd expect, he stumbled out of the demolished truck like a scene from Duddly Moore's movie Arthur. My concern for h
is vehicle and the property he damaged vanished as I was now angry at the possible loss of life and limb he really could have caused.

The Saugerties police Dept showed up quite quickly and charged him with DWI and some traffic infractions. Mr Knisell told us he had just left the cemetery up the mountain after visiting his newly deceased wife and found himself emotionally distraught. Well, had he hit another car or reached his final perch while the school bus was letting students off, he would have placed another couple of families in the same heartbroken situation.

This incident gives me the opportunity to remind everyone that there is no good time to drive buzzed, drunk, drugged, or even preoccupied with phones, screaming kids and applying make-up. Pay attention to the road, watch out for other drivers and lets make it through this happy holiday season together unharmed.


Anonymous said...

I have to say I/we are thankful that you were not the victim nor anyone else for that matter. Timing is everything. This man could have caused so much more grief than hitting a few mailboxes.

Alcohol is a legal drug. Possibly the worst of the lot. It's readily available at every street corner and rarely treated with the proper caution when using.

I'd like to thank you and the lady for making sure he stayed long enough to deal with the police. Next time, someone wont be so lucky to have lost just a mailbox.

Anonymous said...

I have to say this makes me uncomfortable. What if it were your friend or family member? You wouldn't like to see it on Rich Cahill's blog would you?

Anonymous said...

Drunk driving disgusts me,,, i have a daughter of a friend who is blind becaiuse of a drunk passing a stopped School Bus & hitting her,
Toughen all the laws dealing with DWI or DWAI, stop ALL plea-bargains with alchohol related offenses, & watch yer ass, folks,

cause those drunken dirtbags dont give a hoot who they kill, hurt or maim. They just wanna drink & drink - i hate the whole lot of 'em,,

i don't drink, EVER, never did,,, so i can be holier than thou on this one,,

Anonymous said...

Mike: Very necessary blog this date. As we approach the holidays themselves, the social drinker along with the regulars who imbibe on a daily basis must be monitored. Accidental death and dismemberment resulting from drunken driving has to cease. Our crtiminal justice system beyond the local Police, Sherriffs and State Troopers have to continue their vigilence and pray that our courts keep these drivers off the road. One, two and three offenses repeaters have to stop. These are criminal acts, and should be prosecuted within the confines of the laws. If the laws are not strong enough, then it is time for us to make amendments and keep these drunk drivers off the road for good.

This was a "fortunate Accident" in that no one was injured,but property was destroyed. It will prove interesting if this individual was previously arrested or involved with a DUI or this was his first offense. Needless to say, it should be his last. Drunken Driving or Driving While Impaired should not a simple crime where the person is slapped with a small fine and allowed to drive again.

Looks like you have given me another subject for City & County
take care,

Anonymous said...

8:38 am...the problem is with people like you ....who are "uncomfortable" with reality because you seem to like to make excuses for people who do things for which there should be no excuse. Get over it. Mike, thanks for posting this reminder for the crowd up at Ugly Gus's every Friday night.

Anonymous said...

and as we all know how difficult it is to navigate the uptown streets.with all the curbs and flower boxes attacking you.merry christmas