Monday, December 14, 2009


Imagine, at a time when the country faces 10 percent unemployment and bankrupt states from coast to coast, someone has the bright idea to start the amnesty conversation again. Really!
I kid you not!

Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez of Illinois, plans to reintroduce the Immigration Reform Act this Tuesday even though this Congress can
t even get through the Healthcare, Finance Reform and Omnibus Pork Spending before the holiday recess. Is this guy delusional?

The goal here? Issue a blanket amnesty g
esture to 20-30 million illegal immigrants and welcome them from the shadows. Anyone paying attention knows the immigration reform legislation comes with a cost. Where’s the money coming from? No-one said there was concern for our taxpayers when they keep pushing for this open door policy. Wouldn't the issue of the US economy get in the way of their goal? Of course.

Let me remind you of the expenditures we've seen o
utta Congress: The $700 billion financial bank bailout, $787 billion stimulus, $1 trillion health care expansion, $200 billion doctor fix, $800 billion cap and trade and a $250 billion omnibus spending bill. Not to mention the two Bush wars we are still cleaning up. Could someone remind him that this is the worst recession in 25 years and Amnesty is expected to add an additional burden to American families? Good grief!

Gutierrez was quoted in the NY Times: "This bill is the answer to many years of pain, mothers separated from their children, workers exploited and undermined security at the border, all caused at the hands of a broken immigration system. This bill says 'enough,' and presents a solution to our broken system that we as a nation of immigrants can be proud of.”

I would have to agree that such a bill would be an answer to those who like reward for breaking Federal Laws, utilizing our taxpayer funded services and sending their paychecks out of country each week.

We are a country of immigrants. Something to be proud of. America is the beacon of prosperity to millions of people every year. Most endure the arduous and costly task of the legal immigration process. Some go the "not-so-legal" route. Why would someone chose the later?

Perhaps you have a criminal record, or you have a chronic illness, or you have been recruited to smuggle contraband for an undesirable cartel. Maybe to join a family member who is already here but cant afford the process. Either way, that's what the laws are made for. If you intend to be a drain on an already starving system with no intention of contributing to that system, then the taxpayers who are here should have the right to say NO.

I know people who have gone through the legal process, they are proud people. They are also upset that Congress would attempt to reward others who cut in line instead of going the same route as they. There are countries in that bastion of liberal old Europe that, even the most liberal of which have immigration policies that make the US policies look non existent. You don't want to get caught without documentation in France.

So what would happen if we experienced true enforcement of immigration laws today?

Since Industrial Agriculture provides a large majority of the food for the world and they employ a number of illegal immigrants, let’s think about what would happen in this one sector:

• Big Ag would lose its stake-holdings in American agriculture, leading to an increase in the need and development of local farms. (oh no!)
• The surge in local farming would decrease the methane, carbon dioxide and the rest of the pollutants that comes from transporting food thousands of miles away or herding millions of pigs into tiny spaces. (wouldn't want that)

The arguments against:

• Food production would decrease.
• The cost of food would increase slightly.
• Dependent people wouldn’t have access or be able to afford food.
• Starvation and undernourishment would affect thousands more than the millions of people already suffering from lack of adequate food.
• The U.S. economy would go into the tank.

So, stop illegal immigrants, give Americans more jobs, reduce emissions and increase local farming? Or grant them amnesty and a chance to improve their lives, continue to feed Big Ag and risk the earth’s sustainability?

Is there a right choice? Hmmm

And this issue of splitting up families... Where is it stated that you have to leave people behind when you are ordered to go home? Mom & Dad can still take Junior home with them to Italy, Columbia or Sweden. You don't have to split the family up. That argument doesn't hold water. I'm sure there are a number of lawyers who would offer services to help with emigration papers.

So please, Rep. Gutierrez, reconsider the timing of this bill. The fiscal crisis of 2009/2010 is no time to be opening the door to an additional 30 million mouths to feed.


Jeremiah said...

I agree with you 100%. More importantly (at least in the past) the government takes into account the number of illegal immigrants when they set the standards for how many legal immigrants are allowed into this country. That is sad that legal immigrants who play by the rules see their immigration process delayed due to the influx of illegals into this country.

Anonymous said...

You're sounding more and more like a conservative. Good for you. The right makes more sense.

fed up with the illegal crap said...


look at the police blotters in every newspaper,, filled with latinos from every country in Central America & mexico -
the most violent & depraved dirtbags from these depressed nations find their way to America - the land of criminal opportunity & rape, plunder & pillage our society & our citizens.

find out where this "representative" came from & send him back too !

harsh ?? well, my parents came here to escape the Nazis,, fought for our Nation's freedom in WW 2 & learned english & made a life for themselves & our family, PRODUCTIVELY !
no amopunt of liberal lefty mealymouthed platitudes will make me believe one of these illegals will contribute one iota to our great Nation's future.


Anonymous said...

Mike: A great topic- sadly the word aliens now transposes to be of the illegal kind. I am not certain of the entire situation that has evolved here in Ulster County regarding the family in Saugertie, but it should be intersting to note that it took several INS cars and many agents to arrest the individual involved.

Growing up in the city, and the son of first generation American citizens, I was proud to understand that my aunts, uncles and grandparents became American citizens. As to the name calling from 2:03, that is the type of verbiage that created the problems dramaticized in West Side Story,and that was between US citizens born in NYC vs those born in Puerto Rico. 2:03 takes the liberty of using his parents as immigrants from Europe who fought for our freedom, and I congratulate their immigration to the USA. Although his parents became citizens, I would sincerly doubt that they voice his opionions on the contributions of those that have not yet attained citizenship.
I am not sure if I agree with the Bush, McCain, Kennedy consortium of 2008-9, but it is probably time to review federal legislation on immigration. My own grandparents came here legally, and I would hope that others are afforded ths same choice.

Now years after the immigration laws were allowed to dissolve, we have to deal with the immigration issue in a more serious vain. To totally paint brush the entire illegal aliens as "violent and dirtbags" does nothing to advance his theory. Lou Dobbs might be the leader of this group, and we will soon find out what he is advocating.

Legislation is needed. But how does it solve the problem of those already here.
take care,

Mike Madsen said...

First: secure the borders and ports. Documentation and Security first
Second: make it less desirable to sneak in through hiring and housing restrictions. Business & landlord penalties.
Third: make the process of getting documented cheaper and start those in the shadows toward the light. Then they can contribute, organize, achieve workers rights & decent wage.
Finally: through local, county and state enforcement...start only those who commit crimes here, on the path to deportation. Unless they draw attention by illegal means, we can't spend the money chasing people.

If Amnesty were to happen for the millions here now, the traffic inward would multiply.

Having sponsored someone personally, I know the cost and the level if intrusion into their lives. I'm not a fan of people dodging the system when proud people have done the right thing for decades.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I really think you hit this one on the head. I hope that you will consider running for Ulster County Executive.

i will be behind you 100% :)

Anonymous said...

Well done Mike...

My grandparents came here through Ellis Island from Italy at the turn of the last century.

The did it the legal way, became hard working taxpaying American citizens, made contributions to this country and supported it through WW2 with 2 of my Great Uncles join the Army and fighting in the Pacific theater.

If they could do it back then, it can be done today.

My neighbor is a naturalized citizen who went through the whole process 10 years ago. It wasn't easy he told me, but he worked at it and became a legal American. He owns his own business, pays his taxes, and has a family. He gets especially upset when he sees illegals from his home country taking advantage of the public assistance that he worked like the rest of us to pay for....

There has to be a line drawn, if you can't do it legally, then go back...

Anonymous said...

This thought process of the Senator at this time shows his lack of consciousness about the economic health of the USA. If we were to have a swooping amnesty of all illegal aliens, would they now became eligible to get into the healthcare system that congress and the Senate are advocating putting even more of a drain on the American Tax Payer.??? Geesshhh!!

Anonymous said...

Secure the borders, make harsher penalties for future illegal immigrants, deport those with crime records, and create a path toward legalization for the rest who are here and contribute to society.

Deporting 20 million people (equivalent to the population of New York) is impractical at best, and would force America to become a police state.

And to not address the situation will only compound the problem.

Or do you want to wait when there are 40 million?