Thursday, December 24, 2009


The Workers’ Rights Law Center, based in Kingston, has “strongly condemned” last week’s arrests of a dozen illegal immigrants who worked for Empire Warehouse Solutions at Stewart International Airport.

OK, let me digest this. They were happy that illegal immigrants were given working papers, forged Federal documentation, held false Social Security Cards and performed jobs in a secure facility that other properly documented immigrants could have done?

o, let think on this. People from around the world are willing to pay big money, suffer through the gruelling process of emigrating to the U.S., have their contacts, family and housing situation inspected, and criminal/health history studied for years to have the privilege of living in this country. [can you blame them] And yet, those that commit this forgery of identification and take jobs from other legal immigrants are coddled by who?

The suspects were arraigned on charges of falsifying business records and were sent to the Orange Cou
nty Jail. Most were being held for deportation to their home countries. Authorities said the investigation was initiated by an airport employee who questioned suspicious documents that were presented to him.

Did anyone notice the line in the Freeman article that: All 12 suspects underwent Transportation Security Administration background checks before being hired. An employee that wasn't really looking for these details found the false documents to look suspicious, and the TSA let them pass? Amazing.

Either Empire Warehouse Solutions ability to assess the authenticity of documents is outdated and flawed or they chose to ignore the obvious and let applicants work without proper documentation. Which is it? Whatever the answer...I think we have a problem here.


bd said...

WELL SAID, Mike,,,

i read this & was disgusted,, these jobs could be givwen to American citizens to feed & house their LEGAL familys.

Shame on these overly liberal jerks for defending these ILLEGALS-

Thank-you, Mike for stating what others dems would be afraid to say -

Bravo !


Anonymous said...

Unreal. You nailed this one. Why the hell would people bend over backwards for law breakers to this extent? What's in it for them?
Your article on this subject just week was illuminating as well. Funny that the latest sting was right in our own back yard 10 days later.
Have any of your Democratic counterparts expressed similar opinions that we should know about? In these tough economic times, Id like to know where our elected feel on border security and jobs in our area.

Anonymous said...

That is unreal. i own a business in Ulster County and am forced by the government, under penalty of law, to have an i-9 on file on every employee and to get proof that they are legal to work here to support that i-9.

it's the law, we are all required to comply with it.

That means that i am not legally allowed to hire people who are here legally. it's not about discrimination or anything else. it's the law.

it is just a shame that the government doesn't allow all levels of law enforcement, like the police, to help enforce the laws.

Seriously.. since when are businesses better at law enforcement than the police?

The answer is..... when the politics of illegal immigration are at stake. Police are forced to turn their head in the other direction instead of enforcing the law.

The burden is on the employer to enforce the law.

Mike, i hope that when you take office as a County Legislator that you are able to look at the laws in Ulster County and make sure that we are not a sanctuary city for people that are not here legally.

i wish you the best of luck!

i will be rooting for you if you know what i mean.

Anonymous said...

I'm a liberal, and this story makes me question the credibility of the Worker's Rights Law Center. This is not a political issue, it is a matter of both fairness to those who legally enter the country as well as the security of the nation.

Anonymous said...

I too read that article about the Worker's right Law center. Are they insane? These people broke the law(illegal aliens)and we are suppose to defend their right to break the laws of this country??? Give me a break. I don't care if they were working hard to feed their families. They broke the freakin' law. Send them back and give the jobs to people who are here legally or have their papers in order. And people mocked Lou Dobbs??? He was right on the money!!! I too am a democrat and this issue is disgraceful. Maybe the republican party has it right???

Anonymous said...

These are people too, with hopes and dreams and they take the only road they know. Vilifying them doesn't do anything to deter them, because they know there are jobs waiting for them.

Anonymous said...

I blame the people who helped them get these illegal papers. Certainly that happened. I hope that avenue is pursued in a timely manner.
These "immigrants" took a chance. Either they knew they were false documents or were taken advantage of by someone. Either way they took jobs that real citizens or immigrants could have had.
But I'm glad the "terrorist" angle of this story appears to have gone away. Fear mongering like that just is unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

Mike I don't think the fact that they are Immigrants is the story.
The story is they are in this Country (ILLEGALLY).
They commited crimes of entering this Country illegally and having forged documents and should be punished.It is the law we all have to follow.

Anonymous said...

Not well said at all, Mike.
I'm sick of this idiocy surrounding what can only rightly be called "Mexicanophobia."
There is a political solution but Barack Obama as well as Congress has to step up to the plate:restart the family farm in this country and develop programs of crop raising and distribution while taking agribusinesses out of the mix enough so that America has mostly real food as we are lucky to have in the Hudson Valley because of our farms--instead of adulterated, preserved, hybridized, bullcrap food that is killing people. That would be the biggest health care investment possible. Will we make like Nike and JUST DO IT?? Or will we continue to bicker and hate the immigrant, all of which our ancestors once were in this country, and just fight a political war with them ad infinitum? Even stupid George W. Bush was smart enough to realize the stupidity of fighting an endless war with the Mexican Immigrant. "Legal and illegal"--yeah, who the heck would really care except one drawn into bigotry, the Cubans who emigrated in the early '80's to these shores had the same dual designations, but if we could put 'em all to work doing valuable work for society, wouldn't that alleviate these political bashings?
Of COURSE it would.