Monday, July 26, 2010


So, I'm looking over the pile of petitions that I got from the Boeard of Elections last week and what do I find? So many of the members of both major parties in the City of Kingston leave all the hard work to a select few.

Of course the petition process is anything but easy, considering it involves allot of traveling, finding people home and a willingness to endure the elements and time away from family. Still, there are people out there who desire the privilage if being a committeeman while so many hold seats just for the status.

Looking at my fellow Democratic Committee members, I see the same list of hard workers bringing in the big numbers.
Going by the VanBlarcum/Auerbach petitions with their Committee seats included: the big collectors are the usuals Peterson, Parsons, Mihm, Hoffay, Whitlock, Gillon, Noble, Provenzano, S
tote and myself, with the three big catches going to Elisa Ball with 59, Hayes Clement with 60 and Charles Landi at 62. Nice job!

What strikes me is the abundance of inactive members with numbers as low as "0" and reaching the great hights of 3 & 4. These are the duties of a committeeman. It's considered a privilege. And get this, some even fell short of the needed signatures to retain membership. (Nice job Bill)

Which brings me to the Republican Committee. WOW! How do you guys do it?
Im looking at this list with disbelief! Like the Dems, you have a workforce thats a fraction of the body, but the ratio is much greater.

The active collectors are the usual: Ingarra, Turco-Levin, Jacobs and Kinnen with the three big catches going to Joe DiFalco with 16, Ron Polacco with 18 and Sinagra at 18. Good showing fellas.

What I found amusing on their team is the non-participation on the part of Fred Bell, Bruce McLean, Patricia Bruck, Mark Ingoglio, Mike Gill, and Todd Langon...all with ZERO. Even Duane Postupack, Lois Leahy, Robert & Kathy Rausch got a whopping 3 signatures each. Now you'd think the former Mayoral candidate Rich Cahill Jr would have been out there like a trooper, but with only 6 signatures on his petitions, he too must be getting tired.
Mind you, these are the committee placement petitions for the party.

Like the Democratic Committee, I'm sure there is a long waiting list of those who would like to have a position on the Republican Committee here in Kingston. I dont know what their process for filling those positions is on their side, but the Democrats who hold membership, should get their priorities in order and get to work. No time for letting others do the work of the full membership.


Anonymous said...

It's funny to see this published. I have always advocated for committe members to carry petitions with just their own name in nomination. We end up carrying for those who either can't or won't.
As a proud member, I applaud your efforts and am thankful that this is discussed. I filled out my sheet of 20 with weeks to spare. We have a month to do it. How can you expect either comittee to function when so few continually do most of the work?
I see Cahill mentioned, did Sottile get any? Why do we work so hard for these people?

petition process lover said...

i did my petitions in my Town & i love the process.

you really get a feel for "your peeps" & a feel for what the mood is out there.

ya get questions about everything from the light on the Mohonk's Tower to the Courts & the Hiway dept. The voters feel if you are "their " representative, then you must have all the answers. We dont but they ask us anyway.

i agree with you, MM,, we do all the heavy lifting for the Parts,,, i have big time, long time folks who didnt get even 1 signature - ya lose some good folks during this process & sometimes, the a-holes ya want off the Committee, do their petitions & then yr stuck with 'em,,, OY !

Good analysis, tho, MM,,

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that there were others who carried petitions for the republicans that were not listed and one person collected a total of at least 20 signatures for each republican candidate for the state, federal and local elections . (5 x 20 = 100 signatures) We are alive and kickin' in the republican party.We may be small in numbers but we are mighty.

Anonymous said...

Naming names is very effective. This is the single most important function of a committee members. Looks like a lot of dead wood.

Anonymous said...

That's only half the story about the City Republican petitions. If you dig further, you will find quite a few of the filed petitions "unacceptable" and should have been tossed due to technicalities. It isn't all just black and white.

Anonymous said...

11:12 PM--Yes, unacceptable means incomplete addresses and illegible signatures should be tossed out as well as not securing enough signatures to continue as a committee person. There is absolutely no excuse for not making an effort to perform the duties of a county committeeman.

Anonymous said...

From Todd Langon

WOW.... Mike. Naming Names. Looks as if you are trying to get back in with the good graces of the Dems. I see you giving praise to those Dems that deserve praise for giving there time and dedication but left out the Last names of those Dems that fell short...... Hmmmmmm but you made sure to mention the full name's of those Rep's that did not meet their full potential. This to me is giving information of convienience. I thought better of you Mike. I am not upset with what was written.... just what was left out. If you felt this was blog worthy then so be it. By the way Mike you forgot my middle name, Eugene.
I am not here to defend or justify why I did not get signatures. Just as you know all to well Mike. People should not judge. If anyone wants to know why... they can always ask me. Just a side note. Anyone in the Rep and Dem parties that know me will tell ya I call it as I see it and I have no problem putting my ass on the line for a good cause or good people... Remember who's table you sat at when things where looking BLEEK.

Todd Eugene Langon
Rep committeeman Zero Signatures

Mike Madsen said...

Ok Todd; you got me. I was being a little partisan ugh my name calling.
In the Dem committee, we've had this problem with just a few chronic players. We will use the petition process to weed out the slackers this year and maybe appoint some workers in the wings.
Tips from your ranks tell me, the chairman is used to reappointing the "same olds" every two years, so some are rewarded for ping less than their share.
Those who I've run into that share your company have noted they deserved it and laughed about the process.

I did make a point to highlight Reynolds. He got Anita to sign his. Tough to get good help.