Friday, June 11, 2010


Here is news of a piece of Legislation that should never have taken this long. New York lawmakers have finally approved legislation establishing that strangulation (squeezing someone's throat or covering their nose and mouth to diminish breathing) is a new felony crime of strangulation. You may ask, why would this be addressed at this point, wasn't it always so?

Well, no. Since choking during domestic violence cases is so common it would seem logical to have it part of the assault charge. But since it isn't specifically addressed as a specific crime, attackers end up facing menacing or harassment charges instead. This is no-longer the case.

Judges throughout New York State can now use the incident and the choking of one's partner as an additional tool to better address the dangerous issue. Whether it's an act between same gender or mixed couples, the threat of domestic violence is no different and the harm one person can do to another knows no boundaries. What to do about it if it should happen can now be decided more clearly by a judge.

I find it fascinating that this type of heinous act would need to be more defined to get the attention it needs considering the damage that so many perpetrators have done to their victims for so long. Like so many other domestic issues, redefinition seems to be the trend these days and although very late, our lawmakers deserve our thanks on this one.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely great! Thank you to whomever took part in making this happen! I can tell you first hand, from my childhood - that seeing someone choked to near death is a trauma as devastating [sometimes this all goes hand in hand...] as child sexual abuse. Thank you Mike. I missed this one and it is a biggy. Made me [memories...] sad [To say the least...] Makes me [this news...] happy. DV needs a lot more attention all around - because DV is not "just 'Domestic Violence'" -
DV is household terrorism, child abuse [by association, if children are present]; and a blight on what is allegedly [How many DV calls do the KPD and UCS Dpt. get per week?????] a "civilized" society.

And the hot topic in the City Council is the number of cats in the City!

Pleeease...................... Tell me............
Is it something in the water?????

Thanks again Mike. Please excuse my sarcasm.


Anonymous said...

Oh there are plenty of things in the water! Even more nastiness in the food supply! The whole Tea-bagger phenomena is a giant red flag that's screaming out to us that our mass poisoning of our population has spawned an army of lunatics. Pro pollution, pro violence, even pro garbage whackos have infested our nation and there's just not enough fema camps to intern them in. They actually swim in the chemically poisoned gulf! It's getting ugly out there. We need to collect all their guns soon or we'll be forced to defend our country against armed dim-wits with overly complicated technologies that preclude them from gaining any meaningful employment.